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Inside the Bits by DigitalRoute is a series of thought provoking titles that introduce the IT and Telco communities to key ‘hot’ topics affecting their businesses. They deliver succinct, easy-to-understand and jargon-free explanations of important and timely issues and provide insights into how business performance breakthroughs can be achieved. All our titles include not only explanations but also give case studies demonstrating how the topics in question have made an impact at ground level.


Data Integration. This publication covers both the telco and general enterprise landscapes.  It explains how data can work for you above and beyond ‘data integration’ or ‘smart data’ for its own sake. 


Billing Mediation. The book points out eleven key wins as well as ten success factors for Mediation and Usage Management to demonstrate how this key topic should not be ignored!


Policy Control. In seven concise, easy-to-read chapters learn about Policy Control, PCRFs successor, which delivers smart, dynamic policy decisions that drive rather than limit the telco’s business.