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MediationZone 8.0: Improved Performance, Control, and Handling of Data put the Enterprise in the Driver’s Seat. 

MediationZone 8.0 meets the evolving commercial requirements of the enterprise in the 21st century, in particular with regard to empowering companies to quickly and easily exploit the growing number of opportunities related to deployment in the Cloud. 

With the rapid launch of new, virtualized services giving companies the ability to both generate revenues and reduce costs, technology that allows them to bridge existing and Cloud infrastructures is playing an increasingly critical role in achieving success. Among the release highlights is a new dashboard which makes it easier to expose and understand data flows, a new tracing mechanism that simplifies root cause analysis and topology management that support Cloud and other automated deployments while extending the system’s elasticity. Scalability is also improved via a new transaction storage mechanism that supports unlimited scaling of thousands of transactions per second.


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MediationZone 8.0 Key Features