New analyst report highlights role of horizontal mediation in improving the cutomer experience and reducing churn

A new report by Heavy Reading Analyst Caroline Chappell addresses the growing, and critical role, of mediation as a tool for improving the customer experience.

With telcos now battling to both win and retain customers in an ever more competitive market where services like LTE are only increasing the pace, a platform that can both quickly enable and reduce the costs of competing effectively is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of the B/OSS stack.

Heavy Reading identifies the emergence of a new discipline: customer experience assurance (CEA).

CEA creates an end-to-end view of the network and its services on a per-customer basis, so that assurance activities can be prioritized according to customer value and service need. The paper examines the requirements for a CEA mediation layer, such as its need to handle data at high scale, understand a wide variety of data sources and support proactive remediation of problems before they impact customer experience. It also explores the mediation layer's future role as an expanding and vital artery support- ing the real-time flow of data across an operator's organization.

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Caroline Chappell discusses Service Assurance Mediation

Part 1

Caroline Chappell addresses the question:
"The issue of CEA has been on your mind for a couple of years now. Do you want to give some background to the genesis of the concept…for instance, what first led you to identify the problem CEA addresses…where did you conceive of horizontal mediation as its solution?"

Part 2

Caroline Chappell addresses the question:
"Heavy Reading research suggests that 61 percent of mobile operators can link service degradations and network outages to subscriber churn.” Can you talk a little about the research involved and what generally had been the operator response to the problem until now?

Part 3

Caroline Chappell addresses the question:
"CEA bridges the gap between traditional service assurance and newer customer experience management (CEM) systems.” Do you see CEA as part of a trend that we might describe as the “customer-ization of the (formerly) OSS domain”?

Part 4

Caroline Chappell addresses the question:
"Most operators rely on fragmented mediation mechanisms that are part of individual operational systems”… You introduce the concept of a horizontal mediation layer — can this play a role in beating a path away from silos and towards broader concepts of horizontal operational software in general?

Part 5

Caroline Chappell addresses the question:
Can you talk about the contribution of CEA to a broader Customer Engagement model?