OEM partnership with DigitalRoute

An OEM Partnership with DigitalRoute enables you to use the MediationZone platform as a core component in your own offerings. OEM partners maintain a minimum number of technical, support & R&D certified personnel.

DigitalRoute OEM partners receive the following benefits:

DigitalRoute OEM partners receive the following benefits

Product Framework

MediationZone provides a framework on which a partner builds its own packaged product. Workflows, formats, interfaces and business logic can be pre-configured and managed as part of any deployable solution. Our platform framework supports scaling and manages upgrades, and also provides an operations and maintenance toolkit to manage big volumes of data.

DigitalRoute OEM partners receive the following benefits


The Development Toolkit option is available for partners who need to build their own interfaces to collect, process or forward data in files or streams. To help automate provisioning tasks there are REST-ful interfaces and for operations and maintenance tasks there is a web API.

DigitalRoute OEM partners receive the following benefits


The MediationZone GUI is fully rebrandable, including the documentation manual and the operations & maintenance web GUI. This platform can truly be seen as yours!

Examples of OEM partnerships

DigitalRoute has a variety of one partners. Amongst them are:



SAP uses DigitalRoute for Convergent Mediation to enable customers to stay profitable with a unified system that can speed your time to market with new services.

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Nokia Solutions and Networks

Flexi CMD is a next-generation mediation solution from Nokia Solutions and Networks that allows operators to focus on their business and move towards convergent services.


Customer Intelligence Consulting & Services

CICS’s mission is to bridge the gap between the Business departments and the Technical departments within telecom operators. Putting these different sides of the organization closer to each other will create new business ideas and new ways of looking at problems and possible solutions. CICS uses MediationZone and other technologies to provide solutions like NocMap, Showing how big the affected area is and number of affected subscribers, or CorpDash is a product that will let you follow up service performance KPIs for all your corporate accounts.

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For more than 30 years, Comverse has provided a wide variety of industry-leading solutions for communication service providers (CSPs)with subscriber bases of all sizes – from tier-1 carriers and operator groups with global reach to emerging greenfield operators and ISPs.

CSP goals have been achieved with a superior solution portfolio, high-quality professional services and an extensive network of local support – including 90+ local offices in countries worldwide.



Astellia, a leading provider of probe-based monitoring solutions for the optimization of mobile network QoS and QoE is integrating DigitalRoute’s MediationZone platform into its real-time Nova monitoring solution.



NetCracker’s Active Mediation enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to collect, transform, and correlate billing events in multi-service, multi-network environments, while providing flexibility and configurability for real-time, customer-centric billing data mediation.

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Sigma Systems

Sigma Systems is the global leader in multi-service fulfillment and provisioning solutions. With MediationZone as Advanced Mediation Platform (AMP) with IPDR, Sigma focuses on the cable service providers and NGOs around the world.