DigitalRoute Partnership Program

Engage, Enable, Execute: The Three Pillars of Partnership

DigitalRoute’s Partner Program is built on three pillars: Engagement, Enablement, and Execution. These function as follows:


Technical: A sound technical proposition is the key to a successful partnership. We strive from the outset to ensure that a plan for comprehensive utilization of MediationZone® is jointly agreed and we invest in ensuring that the resulting technical architecture is sound.


Business: We work hard to define the business opportunity that the partnership will address in forensic detail, focussing on the Use Cases that will be brought to market and rigorously analysing the size of the business opportunity.


Contractual: We strive to ensure that all partner agreements are aligned with real commercial opportunities and we seek to build Executive-level relationships with all DigitalRoute partners.


Technical: Product Training Courses are held for partner's services personnel and additional DTK Training Courses are provided for partner’s R&D staff if required. Delivery Certification is offered to ensure quality of projects, in addition to Hardware Dimensioning training and Presales training.


Operational: We work to ensure that all parties' Support Organizations agree on WoW & KPI measurements and PMM organizations define and agree routines for lifecycle management, roadmap alignment etc. Appointed SPOCs are announced from the start.


Sales Enablement: DigitalRoute and partner marketing organizations jointly create value proposition messaging and sales collateral (if applicable). Press Releases announcing the partnership are issued and incentive programs for relevant sales forces are introduced if applicable.


Technical: Subject matter experts from DigitalRoute are involved in initial projects with new partners to ensure best practices are transferred and technical review sessions are held to sanity check designs before they are deployed.



Sales: Lead generation processes are introduced when applicable and sales pipelines are reviewed monthly. Joint customer sales calls are a typical method for coaching partners’ sales teams.


Steering: Monthly Technical Steering Group (TSG) and Support Steering Group (SSG) Meetings. Quarterly Executive Steering Group (ESG) Meetings.