Development Toolkit

DigitalRoute Billing Mediation includes a development toolkit available for customers and partners. All APIs in the development toolkit have been carefully designed from the outset to minimize programming overhead, and enable 3rd parties to extend the solution. Listed below are the different types of application programming interfaces that are provided in the Development Toolkit:

  • Workflow agents –APIs for creating new interface and processing agents. All workflow agents are developed using these APIs.
  • CDR management –APIs for management of CDRs (records), including creation, manipulation, and viewing.
  • User interface extensions –APIs for extending the graphical user interface with additional menus and corresponding dialog boxes.
  • APL plug-ins –APIs for extending proprietary language (APL) with custom functions.
  • Event management – APIs for extending event and alarm mechanism with custom events and callbacks.
  • Workflow editor – APIs for extending workflow mechanism with workflow view.