MediationZone interfaces

MediationZone provides connection interfaces towards a variety of external systems.

Interfaces are grouped into two categories:

  • Offline interfaces
    Collection and forwarding interfaces specifically used in a file based environment.
  • Online Interfaces
    Client and server functionality for Workflows that communicate over online enabled interfaces.

Note, that additional communication protocols can be supported through the MediationZone Development Toolkit (DTK).

Standard Interfaces


Archive agentStores UDR data in the internal archiving system, based on configurable archive profiles. Information is automatically purged based on configuration.


Database agentSelects/inserts data from/to a database table, either directly or by calling a stored procedure. A database column is matched against a UDR field. The agents keep track of the data handled via a transaction id, which is stored in a reserved column of the target table.


Disk agentCollects/stores files from/to a local disk, optionally compressed. Various sort order services and filename templates are available for the collection agent, as well as settings for if/when processed files shall be deleted, renamed or moved. Files distributed by the forwarding agent can be processed further through calling any sort of command.


Diameter agentMediationZone is Diameter Server compliant. It contains the flexible implementation of the Diameter Base protocol, enabling configuration of any Diameter application on top of MediationZone. MediationZone provides full support for the Ro (Online Charging Function) and Rf (Charging Control Function). Additionally MediationZone integrates easily with any Account Management (Rc) and Rating (Re) systems to form a complete Online Charging System. MediationZone also has a Diameter Client Agent to manage Diameter applications when communicating with a Diameter Servers.


FTP agentCollects/stores files in active or passive mode on a remote host. When a file has been successfully processed by the Workflow, the FTP collection agent offers the possibility of moving, renaming, removing or ignoring the original file. The agent can also automatically delete moved or renamed files after a configurable number of days.


GTP agentCollects messages and datagram's over GTP' from GPRS nodes, using either TCP/IP or UDP/IP. This enables MediationZone to act as a Charging Gateway device.


HTTPD agentClient and server functionality, using the HTTP protocol in realtime, bi-directional mode over TCP/IP. Encrypted communication over TLS (SSL) is supported.

HTTP Collection

HTTPD agentCollection of data over the HTTP protocol.

Inter Workflow

Inter Workflow agentThe Inter Workflow agents enable data to be sent between Workflows, using a predefined directory as intermediate storage.


LDAP agentAPL plug-in for LDAP lookups.

Merge File Collection

Merge File Collection agentCollects related data which is classified by a nested directly structure, and merges multiple files to a single file.


Radius agentServer and client functionality for Radius authorization and accounting messages in real time, bi-directional mode over UDP/IP.


SCP agentCollects and forwards data from a remote host using the Secure SCP protocol.


SFTP agentCollects and forwards data from a remote host using the Secure FTP protocol.


SNMPThe SNMP agent collects information from MIB-2 Agents (NMAs), acting as a Network Management Station (NMS).


SQL agentThe SQL agents provide free format SQL collection and forwarding.


TCP IP agentCommunicates over TCP/IP in realtime, bi-directional mode.

Workflow Bridge

Workflow BridgeEnables efficient scaling within and between ECs, and providing more effective batch processing capabilities through usage of realtime workflow services.

Web Services

Web ServicesMediationZone has support for any communication over the Web Services protocol. Providing the same flexibly as for Diameter, MediationZone enables deployment of client as well as Web Services interfaces through configuration. Web services definition languages files (WSDL) compliant with WS-I can be imported into MediationZone, which automatically generates corresponding exchange UDRs that are subsequently accessible in a Workflow. This support enables MediationZone to provide an EAI/SOA smooth integration path for any back-office or legacy protocol or processing semantics. MediationZone natively supports the Web Services functionality as described below:

  • WS-I Basic Profile 1.1
  • WSDL 1.1
  • XML 1.0
  • SOAP 1.1 over HTTP 1.1
  • Transport Level Security (HTTPS over SSL)
  • WS-Security 1.1 is partly supported through signature and encryption

Vendor Specific Interfaces


AFT TCPCollects data from Nortel DMS switches using the AFT protocol over TCP/IP.

Comverse RTBS

Comverse RTBSClient agent for Comverse RTBS.


AFT TCPCollects data from various switches using the FTP protocol. Available agents:

  • Generic/FTP according to IETF-RFC
  • EWSD/FTP (Siemens)
  • NMSC/FTP (Nokia)
  • DX200/FTP (Nokia)

IBM MQ agent

IBM MQ agentCollects data from IBM Websphere MQ

Netflow Cisco

Netflow CiscoCollects data from Cisco Netflow enabled network devices. Support Netflow versions 1, 5, 7 and 8.

Nokia IACC

Collects data from Nokia IACC

Restricted Interfaces


FTAMCollects data from various switches using the FTAM protocol. Available agents:

  • Alcatel S12
  • Lucent 5ESS
  • Siemens EWSD
  • Nokia DX200
  • Ericsson IOG


IPDR SPCollects XDR records from a IPDR /SP capable device, over a TCP/IP connection.


JMSJMS — Java Message Service, allows MediationZone to communicate with other JMS applications in a loosely decoupled asynchronous mode.


SAP CCCommunicates with SAP CC ver 2 and 3.