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Learn about Extreme Scaling with Workflow Bridge

Learn about Extreme Scaling with Workflow Bridge

Major release:6 Minor releases: 6.1 6.3

Highlights of 6.3

New Use Case: Routing Control

Convert, Transform, Proxy, Redirect or Route online signaling traffic with full flexibility through configuration of processing logic. Geographical replicated persistent session state and multi Protocol capable.

Data Persistency for Failover Support 

Allows real-time workflows to share states and sessions making it easy to scale-out and provide high redundancy. Service information is shared between all workflows enabling instant failover without losing service data.

Couchbase Storage Option

Provides easy scaling and great performance for Service Control resulting in low TCO. In-memory architecture for real-time data access proven in large deployments.

Scalability with Efficiency and Performance

Enhanced shared memory table look-up, ECS improvements, multi-threaded diameter processing capability, and dynamic process scaling based on Queue size/Work backlog that doubles throughput and removes bottlenecks.

Usability and Self Sufficiency

Reduction in configuration save times, password security enhancements, access to online documentation for easy access and greater insight. Choice of Open JDK or SUSE Linux.

Enhanced Connectivity

New database connectors, interface agents, streaming protocols, and data formats.

Highlights of 6.1

Business logic integration with Drools

Smart business rules are created through pattern detection and decisioning based on chains of events from multiple sources within sliding time windows.

Direct integration with Big Data appliances 

Direct integration with popular database systems including SAP HANA and Netezza.

Routing Control with integrated DRA/DEA 

New additions to the Diameter base protocol implementation facilitate DRA/DEA solutions based on MediationZone.

High Speed Complex Event Processing (CEP) with Siddhi 

Integrate MediationZone with a high performance CEP engine suitable for processing in excess of 100K transactions per second.

Mass parameter polling with SNMP

A new collection interface providing SNMP polling on multiple different elements and also generating UDRs integrated graphical OID browser and with the MediationZone architecture support for tens of thousands of devices. 

Analize large data sets with Hadoop and Pig!

Lower TCO for heavy batch processing. Large data volumes can be uploaded to HDFS using a small hardware footprint and analyzed using the Pig latin language from within MediationZone.

Highlights of 6.0

Fast development through usability enhancements 

A new look and feel means easier and quicker interaction that means even faster deployments.

Version Control with enriched export format

Increased team efficiency via an enhanced export format and new commands to import and export configurations to third party version control systems.

Reference data scaling with Shared Memory Table Lookup 

Workflow instances can share tables for lookups, providing increased throughput and lowered memory consumption in complex processing scenarios.

Speedy reprocessing with improved ECS 

Get results more quickly than before via enhanced filtering options and reporting capabilities.

Extreme Scaling with Workflow Bridge

Efficient scaling and more effective batch processing capabilities through the use of our realtime workflow services. DigitalRoute's Workflow Bridge is a true enabler for Service Assurance Mediation and other applications with extreme performance requirements.

Individualized Dynamic Buckets with Usage Management. Now also in Batch!

Usage Management, now also available for batch processing, provides a persistent and flexible mass data counting solution with individualized bucket profiles.