As services get more complex, managing them is a growing challenge

Traditional approaches to Service Charging involve each network event driving the creation of a chargeable unit that Is then priced individually. But today, this model is becoming outdated. Instead, charging paradigms like tiered service bundles and periodic allowances (and others) are becoming more and more common. The combination of evolving consumer behaviors and rapid technology advances that have driven this shift are unlikely to abate. Nor is the resulting increase in the volume of usage data being generated by communications networks as a results.

A corollary of this market evolution is the transformation of service providers’ business and operations infrastructures. They have had to re-think how usage data is collected and used, and re-optimise with the answers in mind. Processes for policy control, billing, business analytics and more all depend on the same source data. But distributing the collection and counting of service usage has not been the answer to the question of how to keep up. Paradoxically, that approach results in a duplication of processes and an increasing level of complexity that inevitably leads to longer times-to-market for new services and also increasing costs.

The situation today has driven the need for a unified Usage Management Solution that can help control how customers are using their network assets. With DigitalRoute Usage Management, services providers see the big usage picture hidden in their data without the need to compromise their view details where those are needed as well.

  • DigitalRoute Usage Management reduces load on business and operations systems by performing consolidation early in the processing chain. Loss of granular information is mitigated by counting usage at this point, for example the number of sent SMS, on-net voice call minutes and download-volume in the current billing cycle.
  • DigitalRoute Usage Management enhances customer satisfaction and drives revenue growth through timely and correct communication of consumption for all subscribers.
  • DigitalRoute Usage Management ensures consistency of data across online and offline applications as usage counting is performed in a unified solution that connects to all business and operations systems.

DigitalRoute Usage Management is the strategic way to manage key next generation network and service assets.