As Data Volumes Increase, DigitalRoute Meets the Challenge

Across vertical industries, turning enterprise data into actionable insights and integrating businesses processes are key challenges.

The emergence of machine-machine-communications technology, process automation and a growing number of new data generating sources has resulted in large data assets that contain vital information about consumption of services, service quality, personal preferences and more. This data has the potential to enhance all aspects of both business operations and processes.

The challenge is that the systems deployed to manage these processes are rarely designed to extract and manage the huge amount of data that is generated by all devices, network elements, processing equipment, and business and operations systems. The complexity of the integration and the absence of the ability to enrich data are thus preventing many companies from fully exploiting the value of the information that is hidden in their systems.

  • DigitalRoute Mass Data Processing alleviates these problems by providing the heavy-lifting processing required to enable enterprises to transform their data and make it more manageable.
  • DigitalRoute Mass Data Processing creates opportunities to add value to online and real-time applications in high-transaction, high-availability environments. Triggers to actions can be created to respond to any number of real-time events.
  • DigitalRoute Mass Data Processing enables advanced and secure analytics of sensitive data at an extremely low cost, by making use of the latest cloud technology.
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As Data Volumes Increase, DigitalRoute Meets the Challenge

Mass Data Use Case:

Mass Data Use Case

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