Project Services

Having experience from more than 60 deployments since 2000 all over the world, we take our customer relationship seriously. The successful beginning of a great partnership is a steppingstone to long-term profitability for all parties involved. At DigitalRoute we provide turn key delivery of implementation projects to configure our licensed software for your specific requirements. We also nurture an echo-system of trusted System Integrator partners through which we support implementation. We take pride in delivering high quality on-time to-budget, to ensure that customers and partners get optimal return on investment and maximize their business potential through our technology.

Project delivery method

The flexibility and openness of our technology provides an opportunity to rapidly solve a very large number of use cases. As so often when technology is flexible, it also means that there is more than one solution to a problem. Making the choice that deliver the greatest business value can be a challenge. Our well-established and proven project model utilized in all our project deliveries caters for the effective delivery of your business requirements. We certify our project managers in PRINCE2.

All stages in the project are executed in close co-operation with our customers, and with clear roles and responsibility definition. We staff our projects with the optimal onsite/offsite ratio to fit the individual situation. Each project stage has per-defined deliverable and exit criteria which moves our projects forward effectively. We take pride in our on-time, on-budget delivery with high quality.

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