Use-Case: Mediation Highways

A Billing Mediation Use Case

Mediation provides a bedrock for IT transformation on Europe’s Highways


A pan-European road (highway) network operator needed an IT solution able to pre-process (aggregation, filtering, enrichment) car traffic data created by its highway toll systems before those records reach its Convergent Charging pricing engine.

The company was redesigning its entire IT landscape with strong guidance from its Systems Integration partner. It was processing car traffic data on a batch basis (no real time, no connection to the toll gates) whereby the customer pays “full price” at the toll gate and receives discounts on a monthly basis depending on the number of trips made or the specifics of the journeys. Discounts are dictated by a congestion control policy and are therefore only known at the last minute meaning any IT solution has to be extremely flexible and accurate.

The MediationZone Solution

In this Use Case, MediationZone serves as a pre-processor:

  • Individual events received have to be aggregated for Convergent Charging to handle. For example, MediationZone receives one event for a car entering a highway, one for a car leaving and these two need to be reconciled in one travel record for charging to process as the charging engine is purely transactional.
  • Some sliding window business rules need to be applied in mediation: if a car leaves the highway for less than 10 minutes before reentering this needs to be categorized as a single travel; if a car goes back by the same way, the travel is free. These characteristics need to be recognized within the Mediation function before sending the travel record to the charging system

Pre Process Road Tolling Related Events

The delivered solution has re-assured DigitalRoute’s customer that any situation it might be faced with in terms of evolving requirements driven by IT can be handled with minimal time to market and scalability with efficiency.

Pre Process Road Tolling Related Events