Use-Case: Mediation in LTE network

A Billing Mediation Use Case

Mediation plays core role in new LTE network launch


As part of one of the world’s largest 4G deployments the customer – based in the sub-continent – selected a new online charging system from a DigitalRoute partner, with the online mediation functionality provided by MediationZone and DigitalRoute.

The Use Case involved launching a completely new 4G network that would deliver innovative services to end-users. The customer thus required a highly flexible BSS layer which would be able to grow and cope with various aspects of its anticipated business transformation driven by the 4G rollout. It selected MediationZone as a horizontal mediation layer, brokering the real-time messages to the downstream Convergent Charging system. Services initially implemented included VoLTE (IMS), LTE data, Instant Messaging (IMS), FTTH and WI-FI Hotspots along with end customer refill capabilities.

The MediationZone Solution

For Data, Voice and Instant Messaging over LTE, the Mediation module routes diameter requests (Gy/Ro) from the network and translates them into Convergent Charging requests, before sending back the answers to the calling network nodes.

For Wi-Fi hotspots and Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH), the same principle applies but using the Radius protocol. The interface to the Convergent Charging system is done via a customer specific agent that was built by DigitalRoute, to load data into a High performing database. The agent is available for other partner projects using the same database interface off-the-shelf. Refills are handled via a web service request, using a MediationZone web services agent.

The MediationZone layer is also used in a Refill mechanism as well as implementing the Spending Limit interface, Sy, with the PCRF. In terms of estimated traffic load on the system, ~800.000TPS real-time events is forecasted at go live. The solution is capable of scaling horizontally, supporting more than 100 million subscribers at a given time. The system is also scaled out vertically from a geo redundant and regional perspective. DigitalRoute is taking a front seat position in the project making sure the customer is on time going live with 4G.

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The Result

By having MediationZone as part of the Online Charging System solution, our customer will be able to gain long-term operational effectiveness, as it is easy to add and modify additional and existing services and NE’s into MediationZone. MediationZone is already providing support for most industry-used protocols and interfaces out-of-the-box, which our customer will be able to gain from while adding new functionality. By having MediationZone in place as a strategic platform, our customer will be able to scale horizontally in line with its own customer growth.