Use-case: Enterprise Services

A Mass Data Use Case

Enabling Enterprise Services in the Cloud


A North American vendor of enterprise IT services delivered over the Cloud engaged DigitalRoute, via its partner SAP, to address two projects. The first involved managing its traditional service offering, which is supplying office-based hardware elements for which it then bills the end customer based on usage. In this case, MediationZone was used to gather usage data, then pre-process and downstream it to the charging platform.

The second project involved a newly acquired in carrier-grade digital media management platform which needed to be interfaced with the OCS in a fast and flexible way. In this Use Case MediationZone provided the required bridge and is again used to collect and send usage data to Convergent Charging.

The MediationZone Solution

In the first Use Case, MediationZone collects end customer information from the OCS via the web services protocol and usage information from Siebel via a database connection, both on a daily basis. It then archives and cleans up the data, calculates a delta based on previous metering information and transmits the resulting files back to the downstream Convergent Charging system via an interface for further batch processing.

Digital Route

In the second Use Case, MediationZone collects customer information from the Convergent Charging system again via the web services protocol and usage information from Media Platform Core via a dedicated Java API. It then applies different analysis rules to the data which is subsequently again down-streamed to Convergent Charging.

Digital Route