Use-Case: Platform for a Global IT Specialist

A Mass Data Use Case

A platform to build on for a global IT specialist


The customer, a multinational provider of IT and professional services required advanced mediation functionality to gather raw data from disparate systems (related to server storage utilization, number of minutes in call center, third party applications used by end customers, etc.)

The customer proposed to leverage MediationZone alongside Convergent Charging engines from DigitalRoute partner SAP in its outsourcing business unit. MediationZone would collect data from multiple platforms to enable a combined monthly bill to be delivered to end-users that included such components as monthly server storage utilization, monthly utilization in minutes of call center services, application rental fees, etc.

The MediationZone Solution

Digital RouteMediationZone collects raw data from various extant systems that track usage and then correlates/consolidates it into a format that Convergent Charging can consume. MediationZone was selected to replace a homegrown solution whose ETL functionality was deemed insufficient.