Service Control

Improve the customer experience, reduce costs and compete more effectively for market share with Service Control


First, CSPs need to find a new approach to BSS that enables them to avoid the crippling costs and inefficiencies of legacy. Furthermore, such an approach must enable them to launch new services in a quick and cost-effective way.

Second, where these new services are simpler in their BSS requirements (as is often the case with bundled offerings), they are still generally implemented in the legacy stack. This trend must be broken if CSPs are to gain the cost efficiencies that should be inherent in simpler services, thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the existing BSS stack.

DigitalRoute Service Control explained:

Digital Route

Service Control is a pre-configured Use Case built on DigitalRoute’s award winning MediationZone platform, which is presently used by over 270 CSPs worldwide. It provides a service delivery and execution engine that is designed to support operators in instances where usage bundles (of voice, data, and/or next generation services) form the core of a competitive strategy.

Key features of Service Control include:

  • Easy configuration – allowing tiered pricing models to be quickly monetized managed in simple buckets, bypassing costly changes to or even direct involvement with legacy rating and billing.
  • Total subscriber control – via a holistic data layer that is system and silo-agnostic, a better end-user experience is delivered to the customer.
  • Reduced BSS cost and increased margins – by offloading legacy billing. As service offerings have become simpler, they can be matched to simpler back office solutions. The complexity of the legacy BSS is only needed for a minority of the transactions that are presently handled in the stack. Service Control reduces the volumes that reach that are handled inefficiently, thereby increasing margins for bundled services that might otherwise only be borderline profitable.