Maintenance and Support Services

A mediation solution, far from being static, evolves over time. Both the deployment environment and the system itself go through release cycles as new end-user requirements emerge and need to be taken into account. To efficiently embrace and leverage these changes, DigitalRoute envisions a long-term partnership approach with customers and partners for support services.

DigitalRoute Maintenance and Support Services provide customers and partners with access to expert advice, timely problem resolution and software updates as well. We offer a number of different support packages, ranging from basic web-only support services to premium solution support and maintenance services, offered on a 24—7 basis. These support offerings are bundled to match the needs and expectations of our different customers and partners.

Platform Maintenance and Support

Platform Maintenance and Support

We offer a number of different platform support packages, ranging from basic web-only support services to premium services offered on a 24×7 basis using "follow-the-sun" principle. The support offerings are bundled to match the needs and expectations of our different customers and partners. We base our support process on the well renounced principle "Information Technology Infrastructure Library" (ITIL).

Key components of our Product Maintenance and Support package include:

  • Helpdesk
  • Problem reporting and resolution
  • Maintenance releases
  • Release updates
  • Knowledge database
  • Service Level Agreements
Description Support on MediationZone platform based on the license and optional add-ons.
Requirements None, included in the platform standard license
Type of support Helpdesk, recommendations, documentation, patches and regular maintenance releases.
Example: "We found a bug in module xx, we can deliver a fix tomorrow"

Solution Support


Our Solution Support offering is to be seen as a seamless extension to our Platform Maintenance and Support offering, which provides our customers with a diversity of tailored support options on the configuration of the implemented solution. It's a service that can be initiated at any point and time in the life cycle of your implementation. We will put you in direct communication with our Subject matter experts who will analyze the reported problem and provide you with a Root Cause Analysis. The service includes support on your entire configuration (Business logic and/or Solution Infrastructure) where incident management handles Troubleshooting, RCA, Solution Recommendation and Resolution Estimation.

Description Support on platform configuration and affecting external environment.
Requirements Platform Maintenance and Support license
Type of support A root cause analysis is performed and our subject matter experts provide a recommendation to solve the problem.
Example: "The problem is within module YY in workflow ZZ – the output parameters are wrong. Here is the suggested action…"

Solution Maintenance

Solution Maintenance

As a direct add-on to our Solution Support offering, we also provide you with a Solution Maintenance service. It's a time and material based service that can be used for operation and maintenance tasks surrounding your implementation. Some areas this service has been used by our customers are:

  • We help you implement a Root Cause Analysis suggestion
  • We help you test and verify your configuration
  • We help you upgrade your solution
  • Use our Subject Matter Experts to test an implementation
  • Let us provide you with Infrastructure Recommendations
  • Assist during Performance optimizations.
Description Perform the required changes to the configuration, OS, etc.
Requirements Solution Support license
Type of support Testing and implementation of a fix
Example: "It will take two days to change the configuration workflow to increase performance by 2x, should we go forward?"

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