"DigitalRoute enables your Digital Transformation by delivering
the Right Data to the Right Place at the Right Time”



The nature of both the telco network and telco services has been shifting for two decades. Now, 4G and 5G networks are ramping up the pace. Data usage and, by extension, data flows have grown exponentially as a result. This is important, because how data is handled is central to the telcos success. Monetization, customer experience and network asset optimisation all depend on it.


Yet the majority still rely on legacy applications and BSS and OSS architectures to meet this challenge. The result is that all too often they fall short of fully exploiting the commercial opportunity at hand. DigitalRoute technology not only meets the functional requirements of high-volume, real-time data processing but empowers telcos to reuse legacy investments by consolidating multiple system outputs into one horizontal layer.

Telecommunication products:

Accurate collection and pre-processing of billing data assures revenues and offloads charging systems.

Policy Control turns PCRF from one-way enforcement into two-way, commercially rewarding customer relationships.

Turns network assets into profit centers by capturing and blending data from operational and business domains.

Product Extensions:


Usage Management

Enables the CSP to control usage in real-time and make charging data instantly accessible to tap new opportunities to upsell and monetize services.

Inside the Bits

DigitalRoute Enables you to:

  • Use data to drive in-demand new services allowing you to add services and increase customer control. Gain a pathway for digitization.
  • Leverage the Cloud and benefit from strategies and technologies that reduce the cost of operation.
  • Protect legacy IT silos, increasing ROI on existing investments at the same time as expanding your ability to support innovation.

DigitalRoute technology meets the functional requirements of high-volume, real-time data processing and empowers telcos to reuse legacy investments by consolidating multiple system outputs into one horizontal layer.




Data Consolidation
Resolve common scenarios wherein multiple applications receive data whether its relevant or not. DigitalRoute delivers a business-oriented solution so users can focus on strategic goals while saving time and money.


Real-Time Policy
A new service often requires real-time control of data usage for policy reasons. DigitalRoute’s enablement layer supports effective usage control and upgraded end-user communication.


Launching LTE
A new 4G network delivering innovative services requires a flexible BSS. DigitalRoute’s data layer provides operational effectiveness so it’s easy to add and modify services and Network Elements out-of-the-box.


Enhancing Customer Experience
Subscriber-centric monitoring is key to delivering Quality of Service. DigitalRoute technology removes hardware bottlenecks and lowers TCO, simplifies operations and optimizes data streams.

DigitalRoute Technology delivers



Easy configuration enables rapid response to new business opportunities.



Turning Big Data into Smart Data reduces the burden across legacy IT systems.



Unrivalled performance in real-time, high-volume scenarios means coping with challenging IT requirements.



Quick optimization of existing IT stacks via one horizontal data management layer saves costs while improving performance.