Use-Case: SNMP Network Usage Collection

An OSS Mediation Use Case

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) usage collection


SNMP is an Internet protocol for device management on IP networks that exposes data from various network elements (such as routers, switches, servers, etc.) that describe system configuration and conditions. This information is important, increasingly so in data-heavy networks such as 4G and IP infrastructure, where isolating situations that require attention can ultimately be critical both to maintaining system performance and also to enhancing customer satisfaction. With this in mind, it’s not hard to grasp why SNMP collection functionality is a clear advance in the mediation layer.

DigitalRoute has had SNMP as an interface for many years, which became of interest to a large, Tier 1 group in the Asia Pacific region which had first a voice and now MPLS and IP networks. The operator’s biggest challenge has become the collection of performance statistics and SLA measurements such as Jitter, availability, and the need to be show this in near-real time for management. At the time they could only collect from core, not giving them the insight to statistics they needed. Changes to the network infrastructure provided them with cumbersome work to tweak and alter the configuration. New network elements is added almost daily and collection parameters should be able to be changed within minutes, instead of days in the current setup. Its strategy was to collect the required data from the network and process it via the MediationZone platform.

The MediationZone Solution

Key requirements include the future proof and long-term solution where collection of a particular counter, the handling of MIBs in platform, and the collection from both core network and edge devices including volumes from up to 50,000 connected units per day, is needed.

The MediationZone Solution

MediationZone is able to combine and aggregate the data received and polled from one or many sources into the required consolidated reporting data records in almost real time using asynchronous collection of data. As an example SNMP and IPDR data records needed correlation as well, taking into account that also customer information can be added in the future. It provides high performance aggregation handling correlation for massive volumes of records, for instance combining core data measurements and radio interface performance data. It also provides flexible Usage Management solutions where dynamic bucket structures provide the basis for a fully flexible structured counting system with triggers, enabling the carrier to take actions on individual subscriber experiences measured. DigitalRoute also provides a 3rd party rules engine built into the solution as an option to provide continuous query functionality and support for floating window time frames on a stream of data, also known as Complex event processing. Before doing analysis on the data we provided the customer with a forwarding capabilities to Hadoop by connecting the MediationZone system with their Big Data platform.

”It‘s critical for us to collect a growing number of performance statistics and, further, to collect them in volume and without limitation (for instance, by accommodating multiple new OIDs). The fact that new network elements are constantly being added also adds to the challenge. MediationZone‘s service assurance functionality including SNMP collection are for us key underlying components of a successful service offering.”- Tier 1 CSP, Asia Pacific Region