Use-Case: Unified Collection 

An OSS Mediation Use Case

Unified Collection 


The customer is a mobile operator in a competitive Western European market where it vies for market share with three other service providers.   It launched its network in a record six months and, with such an aggressive track record, soon identified OSS Mediation as an opportunity to increase its agility whilst also being cost-effective. With this in mind, the telco saw an opportunity to unify data collection from various probes within is OSS, using DigitalRoute’s OSS Mediation product, working in both real-time and batch modes.

The MediationZone Solution

In real-time MediationZone collects, decodes and pre-aggregates data produced by a number of Polystar probes. The xDRs are collected over TCP/IP from the carrier’s GPRS network via Gn/Gp, MAP and luCS interfaces. Dimensioning is towards 80,000 input transactions/second and the records are then aggregated and stored prior to upstreaming.  MediationZone supports active monitoring of alarm thresholds (such as for poor RAN quality) on individual SIM cards and forwards these alarms to the carrier’s CEM portal.

In batch mode, MediationZone collects files containing KPI values from 17 different sources.  After time-based aggregation, the information gathered is forwarded to long-term performance reporting. 


The Result

Analyst firm Stratecast pointed out that this deployment represented a genuine advance in traditional concepts of the value of mediation in its report, ‘Mediation Redefined – This Goes Well Beyond Billing’. The result of the implementation for the customer, the ability to manage several domains (BSS and OSS, real-time and batch) within one product, was enhanced by the fact that DigitalRoute’s product can be managed by one relatively small team.  This has decreased CAPEX by 20%, year on year. The customer describes DigitalRoute mediation as having anchored a broader IT transformation.