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Policy Control


Policy Control enables the telco to ensure that policy control plays an effective and central role in both service innovation and customer assurance, central challenges for the modern carrier. It allows costs to be reduced, revenues to be increased, modern partner ecosystems to be enabled and new data services to be launched quickly in response to market opportunities.


Policy Control (PCRF) Webinar

Listen to DigitalRoute’s in-house experts Keith Brody and Lars Månsson providing their recommendations to successful Policy Control (PCRF) in 2015. In this recorded session Keith and Lars will go over 5 keys to choosing the right PCRF in 2015.
This is the recorded session of our live Policy Control webinar, 6 May 2015


Solution overview 


DigitalRoute Policy Control is aligned with the service provider’s PCC (Policy & Charging Control) architecture and beyond.  A modular approach means each component is optimized for a specific task, but yet each component within is designed for maximum flexibility and configurability. The components are wrapped by DigitalRoute's industry-leading and proven interface management and intergration technology and execution engine, MediationZone.  This ensures the integrity of data flows and optimizes execution for performance and scalability. This is how truly software defined and agile Policy product is designed!

Policy Control from DigitalRoute gives you access to:



Network Integration via interface agents ensuring flexibility to comply with different vendor extension / formats / versions of 3GPP without the need to move from configuration to development


Reporting & Analytics
Reporting and Analytics where data flows in Policy Control are enabled by smart integrations for reporting and analytics


Provisioning via a GUI-based file and real-time provisioning interface where all functions can be exposed to the integration layer and hence any customized format / interface variant can be configured to simplify integration with surrounding systems


Usage Management
A Usage monitoring/management module where full product configuration and counting/bucket hierarchy is defined, maintained and controlled in execution


Profile Management
A subscriber repository that allows policy decisions to be made dependent on subscriber data supplied and/or provisioned to Policy Control


Rule Engine
All parameters in the processing layer can be mapped as a decision point for selection of rule(s). Any decision process can bind into the decision tree. Policy is no longer only network and volume consumption-centric

DigitalRoute Technology delivers



Easy configuration enables rapid response to new business opportunities.



Turning Big Data into Smart Data reduces the burden across legacy IT systems.



Unrivalled performance in real-time, high-volume scenarios means coping with challenging IT requirements.



Quick optimization of existing IT stacks via one horizontal data management layer saves costs while improving performance.