"DigitalRoute enables your Digital Transformation by delivering
the Right Data to the Right Place at the Right Time”


Usage Management

Usage Management is a new monetization paradigm from DigitalRoute. It delivers three key advantages compared to depending on legacy applications.  

  • It enables the increased cost of many new services to be reduced by allowing attractive, low-margin services that can provide an upsell opportunity to be brought to market quickly and cost-effectively.
  • It helps meet the growing requirement for service transparency and tiered offerings, enabling both subscriber and service control from the same platform.  
  • It supports rapid delivery of incremental services to provide a competitive edge in the market.

Virtualization, Digitalization and Big Data

Everybody's talking about three trends dominating the telco landscape: Virtualization, Digitalization and Big Data. But the smart ones – the market leaders – are immediately making the critical connection with mediation. Analytics, Billing, CRM, Cloud deployments and other areas may dominate the conversation but what do they have in common? They’re only as productive (and cost-effective) as the quality of the data they receive. That’s data fed in from Mediation.  


Process overview  


DigitalRoute’s Usage Management extension to Billing Mediation extends the role of mediation to become an effective and low-cost function for the deployment of metered service bundles and its real-time subscriber control functionality further enables smart bundle upsell. This allows the Service Provider to compete by increasing agility, launching new services and responding to market trends to tap profit opportunities without delays.

Billing Mediation with Usage Management from DigitalRoute gives you access to:



Reduce cost per transaction by offloading legacy billing and charging systems close to the source


BSS extension
Reduce time-to-market and cost-effectively extend the life of existing systems with solutions that augment functionality instead of replacing it


New revenue streams
Increase value for customers and partners with smoother integration and services that are enabled by real-time control of usage

DigitalRoute Technology delivers



Easy configuration enables rapid response to new business opportunities.



Turning Big Data into Smart Data reduces the burden across legacy IT systems.



Unrivalled performance in real-time, high-volume scenarios means coping with challenging IT requirements.



Quick optimization of existing IT stacks via one horizontal data management layer saves costs while improving performance.