"DigitalRoute enables your Digital Transformation by delivering
the Right Data to the Right Place at the Right Time”


Transport & Logistics

Disruptive technology changes are opening up new opportunities to drive efficiency and deliver what the customer wants.


DigitalRoute technology gives you accurate insights into both networks and customers allowing a rapid, focused response to a changing operating landscape.


With DigitalRoute you can:


  • Optimize and drive network performance.
  • Differentiate offerings vs. competitors.
  • Simplify monetization processes and improve profitability.
  • Rapid launch of new services that respond to market conditions.



Transport and Logistics companies have to compete in fast-changing commercial environments. In order to be successful, they need to be much more efficient in meeting customer demands, more reactive in the sort of services they offer and, in many cases, they need to find ways of addressing declining revenues from traditional services. For instance, in civil transportation the old “ticket office” method of travel is near extinct. Today, vouchers are commonly purchased online in the home, requiring a completely different management infrastructure and IT architecture.


Another example is postal services where significantly declining revenues from traditional mail delivery allied to intense competition from parcel services has left companies urgently needing to find new revenue sources both within existing offerings and by providing new services.


DigitalRoute technology delivers a horizontal data processing layer used by logistics and transportation companies to modernize their service offerings and customer relationships and to optimize their performance without impacting legacy IT infrastructures and investments.  Combining data collection functionality with a configurable business logic layer, users can optimize activites across a variety of both customer-facing and operational systems.


Providing real-time insights into performance, for instance, a real-time view into a parcel’s status, with support for the monetization of both new and existing service paradigms, our technology bridges present and future operating models. It also integrates and enables the shift to new operating environments including the Cloud and the Internet of Things.

DigitalRoute Technology delivers



Easy configuration enables rapid response to new business opportunities.



Turning Big Data into Smart Data reduces the burden across legacy IT systems.



Unrivalled performance in real-time, high-volume scenarios means coping with challenging IT requirements.



Quick optimization of existing IT stacks via one horizontal data management layer saves costs while improving performance.