Capacity Issues Drive Mediation Systems Replacement


With an eye to the future, in early 2010 Vodacom’s in-house mediation team began examining replacing the legacy mediation system with an ETL tool that was already installed in-house and included some basic mediation-like functionality.

“If replacing a billing system can be likened to replacing the engine of an F1 car while it’s out on the track, replacing the mediation platform is akin to replacing the chassis. We have accomplished this tricky transplant without having the car veer off track, without spilling any fuel or oil and without the driver even noticing!” — Vodacom Team 

Vodacom selected DigitalRoute’s MediationZone as the replacement for its decade old UMS mediation system, thus giving Vodacom a degree of future-proofing as well as solving its immediate capacity problem.

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