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Sustainability and 5G at Almedalen

Gerard de Bourbon
Chief Evangelist Officer
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Almedalen Week is a democratic meeting place for everyone. A magical place for dialogue, exchange and unexpected meetings that help to develop our society, this years theme was anchored around sustainability, security, and wellbeing, emphasizing the roles industry and society play, with a focus on digitalization, transformation, and underpinning technologies instrumental to the viability of our planet.

Almedalen Week starts this year on the 30th of June and ends on the 7th of July.

Almedalsveckan (Almedalen Week) is a democratic meeting place that everyone can join and co-create. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed, creating the feeling that everyone who matters is there. Chance meetings can lead to unexpected effects. Admission is free.

Almedalsveckan has become a phenomenon among political festivals and multiple countries have created similar venues throughout the years.

The 8-day festival is located in Visby, on the island Gotland, Visby is located 189 km by boat from Stockholm and has approximately 25.000 inhabitants.

Almedalen week is one of the world largest meeting places

The festival’s own estimate of participants is approximately 45.000 for 2018 unique visitors and 2.000 unique organizers.  This year the unofficial number is 65 000 and more than 3000 organizers.

The festival’s original target group has been people interested in social issues.  However, it has morphed into an industry and society gathering of the minds,  which define the visitors as corporate leaders, politicians, organizers, professional visitors, and ordinary participants from the public at large.

Our role at DigitalRoute

We presented "How to monetize 5 G and the challenges corporations and public offices face in dealing with Usage Data",  IoT and soon 5G enabled devices will generate billions of usage data events which require a dynamic, effective, and intelligence to invoice accurately, prevent revenue leakages, create new business models/revenue streams, reduce operational costs, and increase cash flows.

Our customers and partners understand the value a usage data platform represents when attempting to roll out a Quote to Cash solution, CPQ or bundle and unbundle value chains in real-time data streams from production environments running mission-critical applications, their business survival depends on it, day in and day out.

Companies transforming, unfortunately, wait till pain is evident to deploy usage data platforms, they initially don't have as many transactions or deal with events with spreadsheets, many of them hit the wall as Telcos did fifteen to twenty years ago, they too faced complex value chains and large numbers of events and had to implement systems to manage the data records generated by their networks, after all, their invoicing and accuracy depended on it.

This types of systems which were bourne in the Telco space capable of managing carrier-grade live production environments handling billions of records per second equating cash, it does not get more mission-critical.

To conclude Almedalen provides us for a vehicle for meaningful dialogue with partners and customers sharing the common denominator of achieving our goals, resulting in many cool sustainability projects in all industry sectors.

Thus contributing with our bit to save our planet, that truly makes us feel good of being part of the chain.

Overall being there is a wonderful experience, great insights from speakers and participants, very good conversations and thoughtful exchanges provoking thought and reflection in a fantastic environment. As one walks from one-panel discussion to another you get your mind juices flowing with creative ideas on how by doing your part you can contribute and be also a catalyst of change.

Visby offers a touch of history and if you let your mind, imagination, and wonder you can be transported to medieval times and reflect on the gargantuan changes humans experienced over the years and how lucky we are to be at a stage where we understand we can´t continue to fly on borrowed wings and the time is now to land on our feet and do the right thing for generations to come when it comes to our consumption of resources.

Overshoot day 2019 for Sweden happened in April 3rd, Earth Overshoot Day took place on June 29th, each year is earlier and earlier.

Earth Overshoot Day, previously known as Ecological Debt Day, is the calculated calendar date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year.

Hoping you agree with me we are truly flying on "Borrowed wings "

Guilty as others on this topic I´m a taker and consuming yet the reflections I had at Almedalen and meaningful dialogue provided me with more triggers to act and do my part, as small as it might seem, little by little we can make a difference, we just need to think " When we think we become "

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