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Power your solutions with a best-of-breed data integration platform

DigitalRoute is the leading independent provider of data integration and management solutions globally.  We enable customers to monetize their services, control their businesses, and optimise their performance.


  • Proven, robust, secure, and highly scalable architecture
  • Fewer integration points, reduced costs, increased flexibility to innovate,
    and as much self-sufficiency as the user requires
  • Multiple Use Cases in the areas of monetization, optimization, and control
    executed from a single platform


Why Partner with DigitalRoute?  We're a specialist, best-of-breed provider of data integration and management technology. We augment our products with solutions from partner companies.

For partners, our 350+ customers allied to our best-of-breed technology platform means that we can act as a new sales channel to access additional prospects and new vertical industries. All partners benefit from our flexible approach and long experience that allows us to quickly implement new partnership agreements.


Benefitting our Partner's Customers. Partnering with DigitalRoute means being able to offer comprehensive solutions to your end customers founded on a state-of-the-art data technology platform. Our solutions are pre-defined and/or integration-ready resulting in a shorter design phase and proven, faster, and more predictable integration phase.

Our experience with partner agreements eases the decision making process for end-customers. More than 70% of our 350+ customers are primed by partners. They typically generate 3-5x revenues over DigitalRoute license fees.


Benefitting our partners. Partnership with DigitalRoute gives you a proven pathway to identifying and winning new customers as well as a way to increase the value you deliver to your existing clients.

By leveraging our best-of-breed data integration and management technology not only can you complement and extend the effectiveness of your own solutions but you also benefit from access to a platform central to the successful execution of today's 5G, Cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT)-based business models.

OEM and VAR Partnership with DigitalRoute

An OEM or VAR Partnership with DigitalRoute lets you use our technology platform as a core component within your own offerings. Partners maintain a minimum number of technical, support, and R&D certified personnel.


Product Framework

Our technology is the framework on which partners build packaged products. Workflows, formats, interfaces, and business logic can be pre-configured and managed as part of any deployable solution. 


A Development Toolkit option lets partners build their own, bespoke interfaces to collect, process or forward data in files or streams .REST-ful interfaces automate provisioning and a web API eases operations and maintenance.


We provide a GUI that is fully rebrandable, including the documentation manual and the operations and maintenance web GUI. This means partners can "white label" our technology to extend the brand value of their own offerings.

At DigitalRoute we tailor OEM partnerships to meet your needs


The world’s largest business software company. Their mission is to Run Simple, and they are big on using  technological and business know-how to make the world a better place.


Zuora creates cloud-based software on a subscription basis that enables any company in any industry to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business.

For more information regarding OEM Partnerships please contact:

Ulf Zettersten
SVP Enterprise
+46 733 358 470

DigitalRoute’s partners typically generate 3-5 times more revenue on top of DigitalRoute’s license fees.