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Our training

Whether you are a beginner or experienced user there is a training course for you. Our trainers have extensive experience of our product and its use by customers. They use a combination of classroom presentations, demonstrations and hands on exercises to help you get the most from our products and solutions

Foundation Training

Gives you overall knowledge of MediationZone. It covers all the skills needed to create a working solution with MediationZone. This course is highly recommended for those who have not used the product before or to fill out the knowledge of those who have only limited experience of the product.

This course is available onsite or online. For details of the next online course, please contact us

Available sessions

23.03.20 – Sofia
04.05.20 – Stockholm
07.09.20 – Stockholm
19.10.20 – Sofia
23.11.20 – Stockholm

System Administration Training

Is for system administrators and operators to gain knowledge of system handling, monitoring, security and scalability. Note that this training does not teach how to make or design solutions but is intended for those looking after the day to day running of an existing system.  An extended system admin course is available for those with Kubernetes based systems and includes some basic administration of MediationZone in a Kubernetes environment. 

Available sessions

19.03.20 – Sofia
03.09.20 – Stockholm

DTK training (development toolkit)

Training is for advanced users. This training gives knowledge on how to use java to implement customized functionality such as Agents, APL functions and UDRs within MediationZone. 

Available sessions

Kubernetes training: New

This course is aimed at those who are new to Kubernetes who will need to implement or administer MediationZone systems running on Kubernetes or AWS. No previous knowledge of Kubernetes is needed but by the end of the course you will have extensive experience of configuring and controlling your own Kubernetes based MediationZone system.

Available sessions

Advanced Workshop: New

Not a training course, but instead a forum where those familiar with MediationZone can apply their skills to a realistic project under the guidance and assistance of one of our experienced trainers who provides the project specification and environment to develop a realistic customer project. Previous MediationZone experience is a must.

Available sessions