Use case: North American In-flight Internet Company

Automation & New Business Models

North American in-flight internet company
  • Transformation of billing and usage data management processes to meet market demands. 
  • Billing/rating of:
  • Recurring charges for enabling internet access to the Business Jet.
  • Recurring charges for service packages and bundles.
  • Discover the usage from each device on the jet.
  • Charging of PAYG models.
  • Forwarding billable usage data to and data warehouse.
  • Enriching Usage Data with reference data looked-up in Zuora (e.g. account & product information).
  • Erroneous Usage Data transferred to Salesforce and corrected Usage Data retrieved from Salesforce.
  • Correlation of Usage Data from the Satellite provider and from the company’s equipment.
  • Filtering of non billable Usage Data.
A usage-based business model