Case study: Multinational Energy Company

Transparent Invoicing & Tailored Promotions

Multinational energy company

Due to EU energy regulations change, the company had to upgrade all of its customers from manually-read meters to smart meters. This gave the company an opportunity to monitor and collect more granular usage data. The smart meters were able to give the company insight into electricity consumption and to gain behaviour insights.

Now the company could introduce a PAYG payment model to their customer community. To support this the company needed to reimagine its billing structure.

The scale of migrating a large number of users to the new billing structure together with the complexity of the new billing structure means it was impossible to handle with their current systems. Introducing PAYG also required a system that could detect and monitor account balances and over-usage.

Since the company is a multinational distributor, they also needed to account for VAT variables in different markets.


The DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform was implemented to collect usage data from the smart meters both in real-time and batch and bind that to the individual user for transfer to the CRM and Billing systems.

By binding consumption to individual users the company got one billable item from usage of different tariffs and the opportunity to map, authenticate and validate each smart card payment. An important function is the new platform’s session-handling capabilities, which can monitor account balances and detect over-usage automatically.

As a result, the company can ensure that users have the necessary credits on their account balances and block blacklisted cards and over-usage at the moment of the transaction. The system also facilitated financial settlement towards third party vendors.

The VAT issue could easily be managed by the platform’s capabilities to collect usage data from several sources and bind that to the respective individual.


By shifting to the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform the company will add flexible and transparent invoicing and settlements with 100% accuracy. The new billing procedure also helped prevent revenue leakage due to full billing transparency.

The authentication and validation process eliminates over-usage and prevents fraudulent consumption.

With all usage data running through a single platform the company could dramatically decrease time to market for new business models.

The insights of consumption enabled the company to offer tailored promotions to individuals based on their behavior which led to customer retention and loyalty.