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Dig deeper in our guides on usage-based services, 5G business models, and deploying our software in the cloud.

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The truth about flat-rate subscriptions: What we can learn from the Netflix paradox eBook

Many subscription services are now in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. If you offer flat-rate subscriptions, this is a must-read ebook to learn what went wrong with Netflix and how the more sophisticated pricing models of SaaS companies offer a better way forward.

Enterprise Usage-based Business Models – Beyond Billing. 

While organizations understand they must add usage-based business models to meet customer demand and stay competitive, many are not prepared to successfully implement them. Introducing usage-based pricing and billing requires an entirely different approach than flat subscription fees.

Download the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study

DigitalRoute commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying our software.

Get the guide to monetizing usage-based services.
Consumption models are the best way to grow revenue and scale. But without the right data, they cause big problems. Learn the basics to get it right.

Turning data challenges into revenue opportunities

This ebook for finance and IT leaders explains the challenges and benefits of launching usage-based services. Get it now to learn how to make your business truly scalable.

Switch to subscription and consumption-based business models

New business models help you grow revenue faster, but you must tackle the data challenges first.

Deploy billing mediation on the AWS Cloud

This white paper provides an architectural overview of how DigitalRoute’s MediationZone, software for billing mediation and usage management, is deployed and operated on the AWS Cloud. It covers benefits of operating mediation on the AWS Cloud, and the advantages compared to on-premises deployments.

The easiest way to turn usage data into new revenue
This article on usage-based revenue gives you an overview of the business model in its entirety: from drivers and challenges to obstacles and answers.
Get the CSP guide to 5G business models and monetization

What 5G use cases will communications service providers and their enterprise customers be able to monetize? Download our guide to learn about 5G use cases and monetization scenarios for B2C, B2B, and B2B2X.

Monetize 5G in any type of business model

To make their investment in 5G networks profitable, CSPs will need to do more than just sell 5G connectivity. 5G monetization requires new business models, partnerships and ecosystems. Learn how DigitalRoute is helping CSPs prepare for 5G monetization. Our software gives CSPs the flexibility to adopt any 5G business model.