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Press Release

Vodacom Extends Agreement with DigitalRoute to Drive Continuing BSS Transformation

September 1, 2018
    by Renée Strömberg

    Mediation technology delivers fast, reliable service enablement platform

    Barcelona, Spain February 23rd, 2016 – Vodacom, South Africa’s leading telecommunications company, will be extending its agreement with DigitalRoute, the leading provider of data integration and management solutions globally. The new agreement will see the companies continue to work together over the next three years.

    The relationship was initially signed in 2014. DigitalRoute’s MediationZone technology is providing a data integration and management platform that drives the transformation of Vodacom’s entire BSS infrastructure. In particular, it is enabling the CSP to:

      • Reduce operating costs.

      • Achieve IT self-sufficiency.

      • Enable new service offerings.

      • Reduce times-to-market.

      • Provide revenue monitoring indicators.

    Achieving these benefits is key to Vodacom’s future success in the highly competitive and fast- developing African telecommunications market. Vodacom’s BSS transformation project covers all its lines of business and sees around 50 million Packet Data Network gateway events and up to 60 million CDRs a day processed by MediationZone, sourced from 25 data streams drawn from elements across its entire network.

    Vodacom has been delighted with its relationship with DigitalRoute since the project began. Keith Kriel, manager – Mediation Application Development at Vodacom comments: “DigitalRoute has an unrivalled understanding of its mediation system’s capabilities and when this is combined with an outstanding team of people, everything works truly effectively in the determination and development of solutions with our own team. This relationship has been at the heart of the continued success of our IT transformation.”

    Kriel adds: “The advantages of DigitalRoute continue to be significant. Today, we have fewer systems and databases to maintain. The architecture has been simplified and we continue to become more efficient.”

    Johan Bergh, CEO, DigitalRoute, comments: “We are delighted that Vodacom is extending what is an important relationship for both companies. The value that MediationZone delivers to both Vodacom and the Vodafone Group continues to be demonstrated by the successes we are achieving together."


    About DigitalRoute

    DigitalRoute has been providing new approaches to data integration and management since 1999. Its technology offers high throughput and provides a unique degree of user configurability, processing all usage and statistical data extracted from the networks, including both billable and non-billable events. This means customers gain greater cost efficiencies, improved times-to-market for new service offerings, the ability to monetize any data, and the means to enhance end-customer satisfaction. DigitalRoute makes network events available to the right systems in the right formats in the most appropriate volumes at the required times, without losing a single bit. This is the foundation from which multiple, mission-critical use-cases can be addressed in the areas of Billing Mediation, OSS Mediation, Online Control and Enterprise Data Processing.

    Over 350 leading companies worldwide use DigitalRoute technology to meet their data management needs, including a number of OEM partners who use our platform as a central part of their own offerings. DigitalRoute is built on the core values of Expertise, Open-Mindedness and Commitment. With close to 200 employees, the company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with regional offices in Gothenburg, Atlanta and Kuala Lumpur. DigitalRoute is a venture-backed, privately-held company.