Usage data that transforms media and entertainment

When media and entertainments companies take full control of data about how their services are used, amazing things happen. Better customers experiences, new partnerships and new business models. Learn how usage data can transform your business.

Data is the key to transformation 

When you get full control of usage data

For media and entertainment companies that make full use of their customer data, the opportunities are endless. They can use data to get customer insights and offer new and even more profitable services and content. They can automate real-time upsells. They can forge new partnerships with offerings that make them stand out in the market.

What makes the transformation difficult

Customers want a simple, personalized experience – but unfortunately, the back-end of that is far from simple. Companies are slowed down by legacy systems that aren’t agile enough to process all customer data in real-time. And when you offer content through partnerships and need to figure out who gets paid what, then it gets even harder.  

How DigitalRoute can help

Experts in usage-based models 

For over 20 years, DigitalRoute has been helping companies process data for usage-based business models. We helped telcos set the standard for subscription and usage-based pricing two decades ago, and today we’re also helping leaders in streaming entertainment as they move forward with new services. You can learn more about how we help customers below.

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Purpose-built technology 

Our Usage by DigitalRoute portfolio of products is purpose-built to solve the data challenges of usage-based services. Our software can collect any type of data, from any type of system, and turn it into a clean usage data record for your business systems in real time. It also enables you to control how your services are used – so you can limit services or offer upsells at the right time.

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What usage data adds to your business

Live entertainment 

Leverage usage data to optimize ticket sales, knowing when and where targeted audiences are most likely to purchase tickets online.

Interactive home entertainment 

Lower the barrier to consuming your content by offering one-time payments instead of long-term commitments.

Music streaming 

Manage third-party settlements, offer new pricing tiers, and process usage data related to any country, currency or exchange rate.

Online publishing 

Drive revenue from subscribers instead of ads, while providing a personalized experience for lower churn.

Leisure and entertainment

Analyze usage data to understand buying decisions and expand your services into new areas, such as on-demand entertainment.

Want record-breaking growth?

Usage data has powered companies like Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb to eye-popping growth rates. Learn how to get the most out of yours.

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