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BSS Consolidation

Consolidate and simplify your data streams

The customer, a Tier 1 North American CSP, had multiple billing systems which all received information about customer usage whether relevant or not.


The path between data and the applications that needed the data was complicated at best. Some applications took data in for one purpose and were then responsible for formatting and sending it to different applications for other purposes. This made changes highly complicated if possible at all. IT set out to find a permanent long-term technology partnership that would deliver a solution that could scale by orders of magnitude while keeping TCO low. 

In addition to capacity and immediate performance concerns, the customer also required a more flexible IT infrastructure as new services emerge and data plans move from unmetered to metered usage. The goal was to implement a usage broker technology that could support new approaches to rating – both batch and real-time.


MediationZone was introduced as a “Usage Broker” in front of three billing systems to process offline data and usage records for 100 million subscribers associated with 4G, 3G IP, 3G messaging and 3G Voice services. As a usage broker, MediationZone queries subscriber database tables in excess of 160 million rows to determine which records should be forwarded to which instance of the billing systems. Current volumes involve 5 billion records within 8 hours. Using both horizontal and vertical scaling capabilities, the customer can embrace its increasing data usage, where the volume of records associated with new services such as Machine-to-Machine communication would have been overwhelming without MediationZone in place.

DigitalRoute has delivered this via a standard MediationZone platform. All the usage now flows into MediationZone for validation, filtering, reformatting and distribution to only the necessary downstream systems. Filtering is a key point in that only the systems that specific need data are getting it. MediationZone has simplified both the paths that the data takes as well as application expansions. Now, if the CSP’s downstream system (billing, fraud, revenue assurance, etc.) needs additional information – just a specific feed needs to be updated. This drastically simplifies development and reduces both qa and time-to-delivery.


From contract signing to going live in only 8 months, the customer now has an internal IT business-oriented solution that will augment, filter, aggregate, correlate, route, and report usage to reduce volumes and processing costs as well as prepare usage records for real-time (immediately after event completion), near real-time (just outside the event), and batch rating. This enables them to focus on other areas of business use for MediationZone. The customer is also self-sufficient, in that it is monitoring and expanding functionality without involving DigitalRoute. Since all data now

flows through MediationZone, moving forward, the customer can architect a real-time solution to solve other business challenges, leveraging the integrated real-time and batch capabilities of MediationZone.

In the words of the customer:

"In recognition of performance excellence, DigitalRoute perfomred an impressive - no, I mean perfect - on-time implementation of a complex software solution that is strategic and crucial to our company's future success"

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