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Protect your IT investment by reducing Traffic to your BSS environment

A Tier 1 operator in Europe facing rapid data volume expansion (+140% growth in data CDRs during FY 2010-2011) realised it was imperative to quickly reduce the data it had to process downstream. MediationZone was brought in to solve the problem.


he operators initial rate of growth was 40% higher than expected -- even after multiple actions had been taken at a network level to suppress the collection of unnecessary CDRs. With data record throughput predicted to double again within 18 months, the operator's 

incumbent mediation system was deemed unable to continue processing records reliably or with consistent performance. Furthermore, expensive new hardware investments were becoming necessary just to maintain the status quo.


MediationZone was placed “in front” of the legacy mediation system, interfacing with the SGSN and GGSN from the Network. Its flexible workflow engine enabled filtering, merging & aggregation which significantly reduced the CDRs passed downstream for processing. Both time-based and session-based aggregation were put in place.

Initially, the downstream systems to benefit included the operator's data warehouse, revenue assurance and disclosures streams. In a second release, time-based aggregation rules for WAP and domestic usage were applied.All in all, the entire project delivered a near 90% decrease in data volumes sent downstream.


With its more efficient DigitalRoute solution, the customer can now process all data CDRs in a timely manner. This means it can assure data revenues and substantially reduce any risk of losses.

The original business case showed an ROI achieved in less than 3 years, with 65% hardware savings, 60% license and support cost savings, 65% operational savings and reductions and an 80% upgrades savings.


he operator now has a system that delivers:

  • Optimized data streams
  • Protected from disruptive changes in the network
  • Ensured that services are always available
  • Hidden complexity of the underlying network
  • Allows new technologies and services to be added without changes to do charging
  • Minimize revenue loss


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