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BSS Transformation Batch

Enabling a steppedwise and cost efficient BSS Transformation

Merging two operators into one and at the same time moving into the next generation of mobile services, DigitalRoute’s customer was in need of an upgrade for its entire BSS infrastructure.


Here, the mediation system became the gateway to enabling the transformation. This involved both organizational and processes integrations as well as services, products and IT. The goal was to bring the company’s level of business to global standards, by introducing pre-proven global packages from other top-tier operators, so it would be able to shorten times-to-market and evolve its convergent products to meet customer expectations. It was decided early in the process

that replacing the mediation system that had been developed in-house with lots of legacy code and functionality was necessary. This amounted, in the operator’s words, to open heart surgery. DigitalRoute had to work close with a group of some 60 IT experts to progress the transformation step by step, without disrupting the runtime environment. As the customer set the milestones for the project it was up to DigitalRoute to meet them in a safe and controlled way.


Step One of the project was to implement the MediationZone system as a pass through solution to the old environment, including wire line, WiMax, Broadband, IPTV, and other services without causing disruption to the live streams, into a single mediation platform. Next, it was decided that all the processing functionality from the old in-house solution was to be implemented as is in MediationZone, not affecting the downstream systems. After that, there would be a switch off the old mediation platform with MediationZone fully feeding the legacy BSS environment.

The final step was to enable data streams to be passed down to the new BSS environment, switching off the old streams to legacy BSS. Processing over one billion records per day with over 1,750 network elements divided into 125 different streams and growing every month and with more than 1,000 different configurations in the system for the BSS infrastructure, DigitalRoute needed to meet the challenge without losing revenue. This was achieved, and the current performance requirement is set to almost 0.4 Billion CDRs/hour


To date MediationZone is the only component part of the BSS transformation project to be delivered on time, and the customer can now focus on the rest of the challenges involved in the merging of two companies. Instead of an in-house built system with legacy processes affecting business development and hindering adaptation to the rapid growth on the national and

international market, the customer now has a state of the art convergent mediation platform. IT IS now looking into having further streams implemented into the platform and also making MediationZone work as an ETL tool for ITS LTE network analytics requirements.

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