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BSS Transformation Online

A Real-Time Transformation Case

The customer is a leading North American Tier 1 communications providing Internet access, voice, entertainment, video and satellite television.


Already using MediationZone for Billing Mediation, the operator found itself facing pan-BSS performance problems. Firstly, its entire BSS infrastructure was inflexible and to all intents and purposes locked down with regard to improvements. Secondly, its implementation had been poorly handled at the outset and thirdly, as a result it was losing Call Data Records and, in the end, revenue.

The operator decided that to address its issues would require the implantation of an independent layer between its network and back-end systems. This would take the form of a highly flexible Charging mediation platform that would feed existing charging solutions while at the same time being easy to configure and adjust as necessary. Robustness of the platform was essential as well.


MediationZone was implemented to downstream data into systems including internal billing system, MVOCS billing system and legacy voice prepay system. The outcome has been a dramatic immediate improvement in BSS performance, with 1-3ms response for all requests in MediationZone for a subscriber base of millions. That extrapolates to approximately 21 million

requests per day where the full end-to-end average latency is 16ms. All in all MediationZone is used to route charging, Signaling, Online and offline data.

"21 million requests per day where the full end-to-end average latency is 16ms"


The operator’s business is developing in the direction of enabling real time rating for all post-paid customers, which will be the next step in the roll-out of MediationZone’s responsibilities. At present, the development stage of the implementation has been completed. Once live, 10+ million subscribers will be processed through the platform. What MediationZone has critically delivered into the BSS is flexibility and reliability of the system. This is essential in any rapidly changing environment.

Monolithic solutions can become outdated very quickly and additionally are invariably expensive to change. By introducing flexibility, DigitalRoute offers the operator the chance to react quickly to change without needing to worry about cost and schedule. Looking ahead, the CSP is setting up a various MVNO models, something they were not able to business model before.

"MediationZone is a key element of our PCC domain. It is making a theoretical vision our practical reality."

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