Rapid Growth & Massive Scalability - Use Case - DigitalRoute

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Rapid Growth & Massive Scalability

Asian Greenfield Telecom Operator

This company is a huge and growing greenfield telecom operator, providing 4G services for more than 200 million subscribers. On average, the company adds seven new subscribers every second. The company went public in 2016.


The company’s rapid growth exceeded even its most optimistic backers’ expectations. However, that growth also drove a need for massive scalability to handle the tremendous amounts of usage data passing through the network. Company leaders knew that if data volumes surpassed capacity limitations,

the consequences would be devastating. They needed a flexible, standardized solution to accommodate rapidly changing services, as well as put the company on a sound technical footing as they journeyed into 5G.


Today, all usage data for hundreds of millions of subscribers passes through the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform. The platform collects, monitors and aggregates event data at massive scales, and binds events to specific subscribers.

In this way, the company can match corporate information against subscriber profiles in the CRM, as well as map usage data against subscriber contracts in the ERP system.

With holistic visibility into customer usage, the company can now gain broader and deeper insights into subscriber behavior—which will allow them to develop new business models and tailored offerings.

which will allow them to develop new business models and tailored offerings. Additionally, the new system cleanses non-relevant usage data and offloads the billing system.

In addition, with every session now bound to a specific subscriber, the company can use the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform to facilitate alerting on a wide range of customer events—such as sending subscribers a text message that they are about to exceed their data plan, via an SMS gateway.


With the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform, the company can now maintain a holistic view of subscriber usage across all services.

As a result, the operator can maintain a deeper understanding of the customer experience, and can use those insights to develop new offers and services that increase customer loyalty and retention.

The flexible Usage Data Platform allows the company to offer a wide range of new, customer-centric business models.

They can now roll out new and improved bundled services and tailored offers based on subscriber behavior and preferences.

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