Revenue Leakage Prevention & New Business Models - Use Case -

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Revenue Leakage Prevention & New Business Models

Pioneers and Leading Information & Telecommunications Providers in Asia

Founded in 1996, this company is one of the pioneers and leading information and telecommunications providers in Asia. Today, the company maintains thousands of kilometers of fiber-optic infrastructure and is experiencing rapid growth.


The company was seeing tremendous success, but company leaders recognized that, to keep pace with and capitalize on subscriber growth, they needed a technology platform with a centralized, holistic view of subscribers. The key to achieving this: converging all services in their portfolio into a single CRM.

Previously, the company was relying on three siloed CRMS for each service (fixed, mobile and cable). Additionally, each CRM system was managed manually, leading to frequent errors and, ultimately, revenue leakage.


Using the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform, the company can now bind all usage data for subscribers, across all servcies, into a single session. As a result, the company now has much more holistic visibility into each subscriber’s usage experience, as well as much more transparent billing processes.

Today, the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform acts as the centralized orchestrator for all business processes for all services, including e-commerce, CRM, billing and charging, payment reports and inventory.


With the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform, the company can now maintain a holistic view of subscriber usage across all services.

As a result, the company now has a much deeper understanding of the customer experience, and can use those insights to develop new offers and solutions that increase customer loyalty and retention.

Additionally, by getting rid of manual processes, the company eliminated revenue leakage. The flexible Usage Data Platform allows the company to offer a wide range of new, customer-centric business models.

They can now understand customer behavior in fine-grained ways and offer new tailored offers and improved bundled services.

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