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IT & Infrastructure Simplification

Leading Telecommunication Provider in its Region

This company is the leading telecommunications provider in its region. The company commands 60% of the market for mobile internet, 67% of fixed broadband services, and one third of the TV services in its country. Founded 1998, the company today has over 20,000 employees.


As this telecommunications provider had grown over the years, their technology infrastructure had evolved to encompass many disparate systems, including six separate billing systems. That degree of complexity hindered the company’s agility and made it challenging to ensure fast, accurate billing for all services.

Company leaders wanted to move to a single, unified platform, with the ultimate goal of converging all billing processes, both online and offline. Company leaders also recognized that the current systems would not be able to scale with growing data volumes. It was time to reimagine the infrastructure.


Using the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform, the company was able to converge all its systems. Today, they can maintain a holistic view of subscriber consumption online and off, with no data loss between systems. The DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform also consolidates the entire billing process into a single system.

The company can now collect all usage data from all services (voice, TV, internet) and binds that data to each subscriber. This consumption data is then sent on to CRM and billing systems for faster, more accurate invoicing.


The company simplified its architecture and automated the session-handling processes—enabling faster billing with zero data loss or revenue leakage.

Additionally, the company now has a much deeper, more comprehensive view of subscriber behavior, with the ability to understand the customer experience and act on it.

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