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LTE, real-time PM Solution

Real-Time LTE call trace data fuels Customer Experience Management

In a competitive market, quality of the service matters more than ever before. Subscriber-centric monitoring is important. It can increase perceived quality and thereby reduce churn.


To achieve this, call trace data must be collected from multiple sources in the radio and core planes and then merged and enriched. The correlation of several records belonging to one session requires correlating Radio Measurement reports from network elements with call setup records and is a particular challenge. 

In addition to the sheer volume of records involved, LTE network design is now introducing a flatter topology with more intelligence held in base-stations. As a result the number of points from which to collect quality records is increased by a significant multiple.


MediationZone is uniquely placed to address Use Cases that demand specific solution characteristics and functionality like those described above. It delivers:

  • The ability to acquire and process extreme volumes of data records from an explosive number of individual sources.
  • The ability to correlate data from a broad array of different network segments in real-time.
  • The ability to present data in a way that quickly enables complex queries and drill-down analysis.
  • The ability to manage diverse data types via both downstream and upstream interfaces.
  • Optimize data streams.
  • Gain protection from disruptive changes in the network.
  • Ensured the continuous availability of services.
  • Hide the complexity of the underlying network.
  • Allow new technologies and services to be added without changes to do charging.
  • Minimize revenue loss.
  • The Real-time (online), near Real-time, and offline integration of data from those aforementioned multiple sources on a single processing platform.


MediationZone opened up new possibilities for the Service Provider in question to make the best use of resources and achieve greater performance, while at the same time satisfying its customer's needs. The product has enabled the user to:

  • Simplify operations when scaling architectures through automatic data distribution.
  • Better leverage existing hardware.
  • Remove hardware bottlenecks and lower TCO.
  • The opportunity to count with dynamically created buckets and initiate notification/action on multi-level thresholds.

This is proven. MediationZone is unrivalled in a Communications industry where it has been deployed over 400 times including by some of the world’s largest service providers. The product can collect any network/probe generated event regardless of volumes and output a much smaller set of enriched and valuable data to a visualization layer.

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