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Rapid Growth & Automation

One of the World's Largest Telecommunications Company

This company is one of the world's largest telecommunications company and second-largest mobile operator. The company has over 250,000 employees and 160 million subscribers across the United States and Mexico.


The company was hugely successful by almost any measure, but was struggling with the technical limitations of a sprawling, complex infrastructure that was impeding performance and revenues.

For example, billing systems, as well as extract, transform, load (ETL) systems, were not as accurate as they needed to be. They were also slow to deliver subscribe usage data—which, in turn, slowed down invoicing and time-to-revenue.

The biggest issue: back-office systems were generating more data than the billing and ETL systems could handle, and important processes were breaking down.

For example, for financial month-end closing procedures, 150 Finance employees had to waste huge amounts of time waiting for, reconciling and triple-checking data from the legacy ETL system.


With DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform, the company can now capture all usage data records—at enormous volumes—with unprecedented speed and accuracy, and little or no manual effort.

Today, all usage data can be bound to individual subscribers automatically, ensuring accurate billing without having to spend thousands of manual hours sorting through dirty data. For example, using the previous systems,

the company needed seven hours to process 14 million CDRs. With the DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform, they can now process that work in an hour.

Additionally, the new platform runs on hardware that costs a tenth of what the company was using before, generating significant capital expense (CapEx) savings.


The company saw immediate benefits in a number of key areas, including:

  • Reducing manual effort for 150 Finance employees by 15%--which translates to a savings of $1.50M -$2.25M

  • Reducing hardware costs by 75% by running Java-based mediation systems on commodity hardware, saving $0,1M

  • Reducing software maintenance and upkeep efforts by 50%, as well as simplifying training and adaptation, resulting in a savings of $0,1M

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