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Real Time Data Control

A Pan European operator actions policy decisions for domestic and roaming services in real-time with DigitalRoute

The operator wanted to introduce a unique service that would require real-time control of data usage for home and roaming products.


The service required a policy solution that could not only support the Use Case but could be plugged in to its existing infrastructure with minimal effort or modifications to adjacent systems. After a search, MediationZone was selected as the best fit. Providing real-time control was identified as the key USP because existing BSS

systems serving the operator's postpaid subscriber base lacked capabilities in this area. The ability to support the fast launch of new data services was also crucial as well as delivery of a configurable policy control environment that could keep up with changing market conditions. On all counts, MediationZone was the clear choice.


DigitalRoute Policy Control means the operators is now able to market and release unique data products ahead of its competitors and at the same time establish a policy control environment that enables a range of up-sell capabilities for mobile data services to be tapped (such as Top-ups, day-passes, tailored location packages and others.) Perhaps more importantly, new data services over LTE can be added on-the-fly, such as VoLTE. Summary of features delivered:

  • Recurring products, following calendar time or bill-cycle resets.
  • Multiple thresholds relating to usage based QoS changes (e.g. multi step throttling)
  • Priority with multiple products for different rate group(s)
  • Subscriber groups (i.e. shared buckets within a fleet)


As a result of selecting MediationZone, the operator has:

  • Added a real-time enablement layer with minimal impact on surrounding systems gained effective usage control and upgraded end-user communication.
  • Benefited from easy integration with BSS/OSS and core network
  • Rapid and agile delivery without product customizations. Flexible configurations that enable rapid extension of the solution to support future requirements and shorter time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Zero hardware acquisition cost

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