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Probe Integration into Legacy CEM

The customer, a tier 2 player, is part of one of Europe’s largest operator groups.

As its network had been built out to include various probes, starting to collect performance information from these new sources for Customer Experience Management purposes had become an urgent requirement.


The key challenge for the customer was to gather and pre-process probe data before up-streaming it to the legacy CEM. An added complication was their desire to complete the project in 30 days.


Having selected DigitalRoute technology, MediationZone was deployed to collect data produced by Anritsu MasterClaw probes in ASCII files format via SFTP/FTP. Performance dimensioning requirements were towards 460 000 CDRs/s.

Data was collected via 8 probe interfaces and processed at a rate of approximately 20.000 CDRs/s. Processing itself included Normalization, Audit and Alarms (MediationZone triggers an alarm if there are no files coming into the system in a certain time frame).


The DigitalRoute implementation overcame what had been a challenging process to integrate probes into the carrier’s legacy CEM systems. Commonly, many OSS vendors want to sell product suites but in this case the customer wanted to retain

control of its own data and utilize its incumbent analytics resources to increase ROI, even when new data sources such as probes were exposed. DigitalRoute enabled this goal to be achieved.

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