We turn raw usage data
into new revenue streams

Our Usage Data Platform collects and processes any type of data from any type of system in real time, with zero data loss. It transforms usage data to create accurate, chargeable items for business systems.

How the Usage Data Platform works

Our platform is designed to process data for billing purposes. Unlike generic data integration tools, we offer full transaction safety, audit capabilities and usage management. This gives you end-to-end-control with guaranteed no revenue leakage.

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Connecting complexity

The Usage Data Platform helps you make sense of massive amounts of raw data coming in from hundreds or thousands of diverse systems and locations. No matter what data or systems you need to connect, even offline mainframes, we’ve got you covered.

We collect, connect and process any data from any source at any volume.

We guarantee that no data is lost with our unique Transaction Safety & Audit capabilities.

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Icon Customer, Contracts & Assets

Binding data to a user or identity 

This is the hard part. Our platform cleans, correlates and aggregates all of your usage data and binds it in real time to a specific user or identity. This creates a fully accurate picture of the usage for business and revenue systems.

Transform unstructured usage data into high-quality, monetizable events.

Our out-of-the-box binding capabilities go well beyond what standard billing platforms can provide.

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Enabling usage-based business models

By understanding your usage data, you can now bring to market usage-based services, products and pricing. Our platform enables you to package services in new ways, everything from tiers to bundles to split subscriptions, as well as settlement with multiple partners and other complex usage-based models. You name it, we can do it.

You get unprecedented flexibility in monetizing different types of usage-based business models. 

Offer your customers full transparency in real time, so they understand what their usage costs.

Tiers, Bundle, Flexible logic

Get the ultimate guide to usage-based revenue

Consumption models are the best way to grow revenue and scale. But without the right data, they cause big problems. Learn the basics to get it right.

Frequently asked questions

When should companies use our platform?

The Usage Data Platform is a good fit for companies that need to collect and process usage data from multiple sources at high scale. It is an ideal fit for companies that need to keep track of exactly how customers use their services, so that they can be billed correctly. It is also ideal for usage-based business models with complex partner settlements.

What makes our platform better at collecting and processing usage data?

Companies often try to process usage data either manually, with generic integration tools or with homegrown solutions. The problem is that these solutions weren’t built to process high volumes of data, and particularly data related to revenue. This leads to errors and lost revenue. The Usage Data Platform automates the collection and processing of usage data, at any scale, and has error correction and auditing tools to prevent data loss.

Is the Usage Data Platform a billing system?

No, the Usage Data Platform is not a billing system. Instead, it acts as a real-time usage data layer within complex billing and financial systems. The three main components of our platform are mediation (data processing), usage management (assigning the data to users), and entitlements (ensuring rules about usage are followed). 

What software and systems does our platform work with?

The Usage Data Platform acts as a real-time usage data layer in billing and financial systems. We are an SAP SOLEX partner, enabling 80+ SAP customers to quickly and accurately process usage data. We partner with Zuora to ensure accurate billing for their customers in subscription-based business models. We are also a certified Salesforce partner, integrate with hundreds of other technologies, and work closely with major system integrators. You can read more about it on our Ecosystem page.

Usage Data Platform products

The Usage Data Platform (UDP) comes in two versions: MediationZone, for large enterprises, and UDP as a Service, for medium-sized enterprises or business units within large enterprises.


  • Extremely customizable
  • On-premise or in the cloud
  • Large-scale transformations
  • High volumes of transactions
  • Complex billing processes

UDP as a Service

  • Agile and fast time to value
  • Cloud PaaS/SaaS deployment
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Volume-based pricing models
  • Rapid innovation cycles

Analyst webinar:

Taking on the data challenges in Quote to Cash 

Learn from MGI Research how what they coin Mediation 2.0 is becoming the system of record for managing data in the Quote to Cash stack and how the old way of dealing with data management through homegrown solutions, manual processes or generic integration tools is becoming obsolete, as companies want to innovate and modernize their business models. 

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Benefits of the
Usage Data Platform

DigitalRoute makes it much easier and less expensive to unleash new usage-based business models and to monetize usage data. Your customers get the freedom to consume what they want and pay only for what they use.

Unlock new usage-based business models.

Prevent revenue leakage with zero data loss.

Automate billing to eliminate manual errors.

Process any type of usage data in real time.

Simplify complex billing environments.

Get expert help
with your project

DigitalRoute has been helping industries implement complex usage solutions for more than 20 years. Our professional services team includes experts in quote-to-cash processes with in-depth knowledge of multi-vendor billing stacks. Wherever you are and whatever your business, we can implement the right solution for you.