Usage data management for financial services

As their digital services grow more complex, financial services companies needed more help with usage data management and revenue assurance. That’s where DigitalRoute comes in.

Usage data management for financial services

Your foundation for digital transformation

The financial services landscape is increasingly digital. Traditional banks, brokerages, and other financial institutions, such as insurers, are part of much wider ecosystem. That includes fintech challengers and SaaS companies that provide solutions for both private investors and institutions.

What so many of these businesses have in common are challenges related to the management and monetization of massive amounts of service usage data.

DigitalRoute gives financial services businesses the tools to monetize usage data in more efficient and scalable ways. With automated error correction and granular control of data, you can streamline processes and uncover a hidden treasure trove of revenue from usage data.

Beyond monetization, with better usage data management, financial services business can derive more meaningful insights from large volumes of data. Those insights support truly data-driven decisions and accelerate product development, innovation and growth.

Our solution

Usage Engine
is a purpose-built
solution for usage data management

DigitalRoute’s Usage Engine helps some of the biggest names in financial services SaaS solve data management challenges related to customer usage and revenue growth. Our software automatically processes data about service usage – at any scale and from any device.

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Revenue assurance

Turn off the tap on revenue leakage

You need to charge customers accurately for the digital services that they consume. That’s basic economics. But poor management of service usage data causes businesses to miss details on what’s actually being consumed.

With DigitalRoute’s Usage Engine software making sure the right customer usage data goes to the right place and is billed for accurately.

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Optimize your
usage-based billing

Software businesses often begin a billing transformation project to get started with a usage-based billing model or to improve their existing model. For both reasons, getting service usage data under control is the first step.

By switching to a purpose-built usage data management solution like Usage Engine, financial services SaaS businesses can get the most out of their billing system, while increasing operational inefficiency and minimizing revenue leakage

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Usage data management

Say goodbye to DIY service usage data integration

Is your business relying on homegrown solutions to manage billing data? Your “less than ideal” data environment may be causing a negative ripple effect through the entire billing process.

Manual customer onboarding, custom development, and human error add up to unsustainable levels of inefficiency. Those operational bottlenecks can have a negative impact on bigger strategic and financial goals, such as offering more dynamic pricing models and minimizing revenue leakage.

By placing Usage Engine in between the customer usage data and the billing system, you can eliminate the DIY patchwork and get the most from your billing platform.

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Billing efficiency

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Gain a partner for the usage-based revolution in financial services

As you expand your digital portfolio and partner ecosystems, managing service usage data will become increasingly important. Our team is happy to discuss your objects and help you create a strategy and get the most from your digital services.

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