Usage data management for manufacturing

As manufacturers strive to create value with digitalization, they need purpose-built solutions for usage data management. That’s where DigitalRoute comes in.

Usage data management for manufacturing

Usage data is the foundation for digital transformation

The manufacturing industry has been on a journey to digitalization and servitization for years. But today, OEMs need to turn the promises of IoT and Industry 4.0 into real value and real revenue.

So, what’s the difference between manufacturing businesses that succeed with digitalization, while others stay stuck in proof of concept? The difference often lies in the data.

Manufacturers are digitalizing the factory floor, as well as adding more sensor capabilities to the products they sell. Add growing software portfolios to that mix, and it’s easy to see why many OEMs are simply drowning in data.

DigitalRoute gives manufacturing businesses the tools to manage and monetize service usage data in more efficient and scalable ways. With clean data, manufacturers can take practical steps to succeed with digital transformation.

Our solution

Usage Engine
is a purpose-built
solution for usage data management

DigitalRoute’s Usage Engine helps some of the biggest names in manufacturing solve data management challenges related to internal efficiency and customer offerings. Our software automatically processes data about service usage – at any scale and from any device.

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Evolve to XaaS business models

Servitization sees manufacturers evolving from selling products to providing services. The prophets of XaaS promise to turn every product into a customer touch-point that produces streams of recurring revenue and increases each customer’s lifetime value.

But making that happen in reality requires a deep understanding how products are being used. That’s true not just for devices and machines, but for the apps and software that support a servitization business model.

Whether you make lightbulbs or industrial machinery, granular visibility and control of usage data can allow you find new ways to monetize products and expand customer relationships.

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In this use case, we explore how an established OEM took that journey. In the end, what holds their new organizational model together is clean data.

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Gain a partner for the usage-based revolution in manufacturing

As you expand your digital portfolio and partner ecosystems, managing service usage data will become increasingly important. Our team is happy to discuss your objectives and help you create a strategy and get the most from your digital services.

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