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IT Teams

Don’t have the infrastructure to track usage and correlate that with price? By leveraging a usage engine solution , IT teams can simplify data management, scale their data processing capabilities, ensure data security and compliance, and optimize their IT resource allocation.

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IT Teams

Scale regardless
of complexity

Your current billing and Order-to-Cash systems aren’t ready for the processing impact that usage data brings. DigitalRoute lets you handle high volume of data to offload your billing system and automate financial data interactions across the Order-to-Cash landscape so your business can scale as it sees fit.

Maintain data integrity

Due to the sensitive nature of customer usage data, maintaining data integrity is a necessity for IT teams. Our software ensures data integrity and compliance by providing end-to-end data assurance.

Reduce operational costs

Better juggle resources like servers, storage, and bandwidth to ramp up or down based on actual demand, ensuring operations run smoothly without wasting money. Detect anormal usage patterns as an early warning system before they become major costly headaches.


Want record-breaking growth?

Usage data has powered companies like Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb to eye-popping growth rates.

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