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Telecom trends affecting your CSP business

As technologies and business models advance, communication service providers need to rethink how they do business. The cloud, 5G and private networks are leading to new opportunities for CSPs, as well as increased customer expectations and new business models, such as B2B2X. Learn how DigitalRoute can help you seize these opportunities while protecting your investments.

How CSPs must change to meet new opportunities 

Support 5G monetization 

Prepare to support 5G business ambitions, new business models, monetization options and composable business capabilities. 

Modernize for new models

Simplify business processes and modernize traditional rating, charging, billing and other modules to support digital product portfolios, subscription and usage-based commercial models. 

Move to the cloud 

Change architecture to move to cloud-native revenue management and monetization modules, and migrate applications to private, and to some extent, even public cloud.

Challenges for BSS in telecom


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Charging based on new metrics

CSPs are looking for monetization opportunities with 5G networks. 3GPP is driving a good portion of this, with the introduction of the network slicing concept and the expansion of the charging framework to include additional nodes such as the NEF and NWDAF. This gives CSPs the opportunity to sell tailored network slices to tenants, and also to charge for those on different metrics than what has been traditionally used, such as network performance, mobility, API exposure, and more. 

Complex offerings using non-3GPP data sources

The charging stack is being consolidated into the converged charging system (CCS), but does combining the online and offline charging realms into a single component address all the needs of new business models? What about non-3GPP data sources, such as MEC applications? It seems likely that offerings will become more complex, especially those involving non-telco enterprises. Consolidating onto a single charging node may lead to data silo issues for the BSS applications behind it. Also, is it flexible enough to quickly adopt to whatever 5G monetization trends emerge?  


Moving to cloud-native infrastructure

As the core network is being virtualized and moved to cloud-native infrastructure, the supporting systems around them must also go in the same direction in order to leverage OPEX improvements, increase agility, and decrease time-to-market for innovation. 


DigitalRoute’s solution for charging and the telecom BSS in domain 

BSS in Telecom

Business model innovation 

DigitalRoute enables you too comprehensively capture and rapidly process all the data needed to support an extensive range of current and future business models. 

You can go beyond the known and traditional telecom network data sources, to capture every possible drop of information that supports usage-based revenue management.

5G services monetization

We introduce organic flexibility into your systems, so you can adapt to the charging models that will come with network slicing. 

Network data control 

DigitalRoute supports any type of network generation and data source. 

Our solution is based on microservices and cloud-native architecture. 

Challenges in the policy control domain 

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Policy decisions across network generations

From a functional standpoint, policy control has an enhanced role in 5G, with the ability to enforce policy definitions outside of the traditional quota-based domain. Being able to provide policy decisions across network generations is likely also a key component in managing CSP infrastructure in a smart way. 

Closed-loop automation of policy enforcement

Another area of improvement for policy would be to finally provide closed-loop automation of policy enforcement through integration with BSS and OSS systems. In order actually to do this, an open, flexible and vendoragnostic platform will be key. 

Moving policy control to the cloud

Cloud-native applications are certainly part of the future of the policy control domain as well, aligning with the 5G service-based architecture. PCRF and PCF might even merge into a single application.

DigitalRoute in the policy control domain 

Telecom policy control

Service consumption control 

DigitalRoute supports rapid policy use case deployment by providing a flexible, user-friendly, policy design framework, designed on the principles of CI/CD. 

5G services monetization

DigitalRoute ensures efficient usage of network resources through QoS and network slice control. 

Network data control 

DigitalRoute can integrate to any type of PCEF, BSS and OSS environment and offers closed-loop automation. 

Our cloud-native solution is based on microservices, supporting both PCF and PCRF network functions.

Challenges for OSS in telecom

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Understanding the health of virtualized networks

Understanding the health of the network and subscriber experience is certainly not getting easier when the network becomes virtualized, and instances can be spun up on the fly to support network slicing. OSS-type functions are also being brought into the monetization space to support new 5G monetization opportunities through the network data analytics function (NWDAF). 

Interacting with a mix of physical and virtualized assets

Getting a complete overview of the network’s operational health will also require interacting with a mix of physical and virtualized assets across network generations, adding complexity. 

Increased data volumes and cloud-native deployments

A given is that data volumes will radically increase, and more OSS data will come from real-time interfaces. Similar to the BSS and policy control domains, the shift from physical to cloudnative deployments is underway in the OSS domain as well.

DigitalRoute in the OSS domain 

OSS in Telecom

Tailored user experiences 

DigitalRoute’s powerful integration capabilities enable you to connect to a large ecosystem of adjacent applications. 

5G services monetization 

Our solution enables analyticsbased charging and analytics as a service. 

Network data control

DigitalRoute enables self-sufficiency and centralized data collection in a multi-vendor landscape. 
Our solution supports complex event processing, spanning multiple network generations 

We enable you to scale to massive data volumes. Our solution’s sophisticated aggregation features also enable you to reduce the raw volume of data that is distributed for further processing. 

NWDAF to solve analytics challenges 

The 5G network data analytics function (NWDAF) promises to streamline how core network data is produced and consumed and to deliver insights that improve end-user experience. But can CSPs simply deploy this network function as a silo to achieve these results? 

DISH selects DigitalRoute’s to enable 5G monetization 

DISH has selected DigitalRoute to monetize new 5G services and complex business models. 

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DigitalRoute available on AWS to accelerate cloud migration for CSPs 

DigitalRoute’s software is available on AWS to help CSPs migrate BSS to the cloud. Learn how we solve billing mediation on AWS in our white paper. 

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sas institute

NWDAF solution carries 5G network value firmly into Business Operations

SAS and DigitalRoute, two leading AI and data management companies, have joined forces to deliver a 5G Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF). The combined solution is an alternative to black-box or hard-coded solutions from network equipment providers (NEPs).

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The telecom race for B2B revenue

Telecom are targeting B2B services as a major source of future revenue. Learn about the four types of players involved and why usage data is key.

Telecom mediation

Materials and resources for CSPs 

DigitalRoute has 350+ CSP customers, 100+ enterprise customers across all industries, and partners with hyperscalers including AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. 

5G guide

Get the CSP guide to 5G business models and monetization 

NWDAF through a new lens

5G presents a new paradigm for communication networks and is expected to lead the telecom industry into a new digital chapter.

White paper 

How DigitalRoute is deployed and operated on the AWS Cloud 


How CSPs can partner with enterprises to monetize 5G services 

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