Usage Intelligence

Usage Intelligence

Most billing data issues flow undetected until the bill run period. With Usage Intelligence, you power up your whole quote-to-cash cycle enabled by AI. It allows you to transform your Q2C process from being reactive, manual and incident driven to become proactive, automated and data driven. Usage Intelligence helps you close your books faster and with higher accuracy.

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From Insights to Intelligence

Usage anomaly detection

Proactively detect anomalies in usage data and correct them before your monthly bill run period even starts. Lower your manual effort, shorten your Days Sales Outstanding with less invoice delays.

Customer churn prediction

Revenue leakage identification
Get a granular understanding of how customers consume your products, forecast usage, uncover usage patterns, and based on changes in their usage patterns, predict when customers will churn. It empowers you to take proactive actions to retain the potentially churning customers.

Revenue leakage identification

Proactively detect usage data issues, automatically identify the anomalies caused by one of the several underlying issues like duplicates, missing data, incorrect data resulting in significant reduction in revenue leakage.

Competitor comparison

How does DigitalRoute compare to the competition?

There are many ways to manage service usage data, but DigitalRoute provides the only battle-proven solution on the market today. Take a closer look at how we stack up to other solutions.

DigitalRoute vs. homegrown solution

A homegrown solution for usage billing may seem fast and low-cost at first, but over time, it can take a lot of work to maintain and can hinder your potential to scale.

DigitalRoute vs. iPaaS integration tools

When you charge customers based on usage, you must aggregate metering data over time. That requires state management, something most iPaaS solutions cannot do.

DigitalRoute vs. ETL integration tools

ETLs are designed for bulk data transfer scenarios, such as disaster recovery, database backups and data warehousing. But adapting them for usage billing can come at a high cost.


Want record-breaking growth?

Usage data has powered companies like Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb to eye-popping growth rates.

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