Elevate your business by unlocking the full value of your subscription data

Why do some software businesses succeed with subscriptions and recurring models while others struggle? At DigitalRoute, we believe the difference is in the data. And specifically, how you leverage the full potential of your data.

Usage data management for manufacturing

Don’t let data overwhelm your subscription business

At DigitalRoute, we specialize in providing purpose-built data solutions for companies that depend on recurring revenues. We understand that for subscription companies, data is at the core of everything they do.

Our solutions are designed to tackle high data volumes, real-time data processing, complex pricing models, and programmatic data transformation. In other words, our software can handle any business requirement; Gone are the days when your software or technology stack limits the creativity and performance your business requires.

Unlike other data solutions such as iPaaS, ETL, or homegrown systems, our solutions are purpose-built to handle the unique challenges that subscription-based companies face. We have over 20 years of experience in the Telecom industry, where our Usage by DigitalRoute platform has captured, validated, aggregated, and enriched over ten million transactions per second of usage data with zero leakage.

We bring this expertise to subscription-based companies. Regardless, if you want to launch subscriptions-based services, grow existing, or optimize. We got you covered in all phases.

How DigitalRoute Has Helped
Two SaaS Companies.

At DigitalRoute, we understand that for subscription-based companies, data is not just about billing; it's about providing companies with the right data to make informed decisions. Other SaaS categories, such as CRM and financial software, have successfully used DigitalRoute to take control of their data and grow revenue. Here are their stories:

SaaS use case

Software as a Service

CRM vendor introduces usage-based pricing

a sales and marketing software provider, needed to switch from a restrictive seat-based licensing model to a usage-based pricing model to achieve growth. The DigitalRoute Usage Engine solution allowed PeppaCRM to collect and process transactional usage data and enrich it with customer and contract data, enabling them to launch their new business model and monetize services through pay-per-use plans. The solution also allowed them to develop and offer new services based on actual customer actions, accelerating revenue from new services while reducing the urgency to update PeppaCRM's order-to-cash business systems.

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SaaS Fintech use case


Financial SaaS company benefits from automated data processing

an institutional investment accounting and reporting SaaS platform that provides its clients with a single source of truth for global portfolios. However, their inefficient manual billing processes and inability to process granular data from their customer's investment transaction systems were causing revenue leakage and hindering growth. DigitalRoute's Usage Engine solution automated the collection and processing of usage data from WealthCanyon's customer network, normalized and enriched the data with relevant information, and converted it to accurate billing records. With DigitalRoute's solution, WealthCanyon now has a flexible modern architecture, streamlined customer onboarding and accurate billing with less revenue leakage, and the ability to offer flexible pricing models for each customer.

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Why Choose

For companies with recurring revenue models, nothing is available on the market that compares to having a purpose-built usage data management solution. We have a proven track record of success and Usage by DigitalRoute is tailored to meet the unique needs of subscription-based companies. Here are some of the benefits of choosing DigitalRoute:

  • Purpose-built usage data management solutions designed for vast data volumes, real-time data processing, complex pricing models, and programmatic data transformation.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the Telecom industry, where our Usage by DigitalRoute platform has captured, validated, aggregated, and enriched millions of usage data with zero leakage.
  • Scalable and flexible solutions that can keep up with your business needs.
  • Proven track record of success with other subscription-based businesses with a recurring revenue model.

Competitor comparison

How does DigitalRoute compare to the competition?

There are many ways to manage service usage data, but DigitalRoute provides the only battle-proven solution on the market today. Take a closer look at how we stack up to other solutions.

DigitalRoute vs. iPaaS integration tools

When you charge customers based on usage, you must aggregate metering data over time. That requires state management, something most iPaaS solutions cannot do.

DigitalRoute vs. ETL integration tools

ETLs are designed for bulk data transfer scenarios, such as disaster recovery, database backups and data warehousing. But adapting them for usage billing can come at a high cost.

DigitalRoute vs. homegrown solution

A homegrown solution for usage billing may seem fast and low-cost at first, but over time, it can take a lot of work to maintain and can hinder your potential to scale.

SaaS business models

Business transformation

Create new usage-based business models

With full control of your usage data, you can launch subscription and consumption-based models faster. Real-time data processing allows you to bill for new products and services instantly, and to recognize revenue as soon as your services launch.

With 20-plus years of experience, DigitalRoute provides a proven, purpose-built solution for usage data management. We serve category-leading software providers, including both horizontal and vertical SaaS companies.

saas service consumption

Data automation

Automate data management processes

DigitalRoute Usage Engine is purpose-built to tackle the data challenges associated with usage-based billing. This means the IT team has more time for strategic work that creates value for your business.

DigitalRoute Usage Engine captures, validates, aggregates, and enriches usage data with high levels of automation. DigitalRoute can process any volume of data and deliver clean records to operational, business and finance systems, in real time.

saas user experiences

Data for growth

Support upselling and cross-selling

Digitalization can bring you closer to your customers, but only if you can understand exactly how they are using your services. DigitalRoute Usage Engine delivers a golden record of metering data that helps predict user behavior, while supporting cross-selling and product development.

DigitalRoute Usage Engine provides clean “fuel” to power product-led growth. With a foundation of more accurate and detailed insights into the customer, software companies can take new offerings to market faster and monetize services more effectively.

saas billing efficiency

Data for billing

Increase billing efficiency and accuracy

Offering fair and transparent pricing can be a key differentiator for software businesses. DigitalRoute provides an ideal complement to enterprise-grade billing solutions where flexibility, scalability and full auditability are critical.

With built-in error correction and an audit trail, DigitalRoute ensures that no data, and therefore no revenue is lost. In addition to processing data, the solution can also send data back to devices and systems to support stronger customer relationships.


Gain a partner for the usage-based revolution in SaaS

As you expand your digital portfolio and partner ecosystems, managing service usage data will become increasingly important. Our team is happy to discuss your objectivess and help you create a strategy and get the most from your digital services.

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